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ttt top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, where we get to make bookish lists!!

This week’s topic: Top Ten Resolutions We Have For 2016 (can be bookish, personal resolutions, “I resolve to finally read these 10 books, series I resolve to finish in 2015, etc.)


I had 7 resolutions for 2015 and I only committed to 3! I did the rest but wasn’t fully committed to them but these three, I gave it my all:

  • Book Buying Ban for at least 5 months
  • More Book Reviews
  • Comment on blogs

I’ll keep this short since I’m typing this from my phone (still no WiFi at home).

What I’m hoping for 2016 is to do more discussion posts since I haven’t really done any because I royally suck at them but I’ll try 😀

I’m going to read less books. *gasps* I know 🙁 I’m kind of going through something and I need to make some changes, starting with how much I read. You guys think this may be stupid or a sacrilege but it’s a change/compromise I’m going to follow. I’m trying to read less than 100 books and that for me is low since I almost read 200 books in 2014 and 2015. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

Be more active on Bookstagram and this means commenting more, make new friends, etc. I think I finally found a theme I’m happy with so I could be consistent for a while 🙂

Book series I would like to finish/catch up:

  • Lunar Chronicles
  • Throne of Glass
  • The Hunger Games
  • The Selection
  • Outlander (first book)

TV series I would like to finish/catch up:

  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Young and Hungry
  • Friends
  • The Originals
  • Star Wars 1-3 (movies)
  • Outlander
  • Once Upon a Time

Lastly, to not make the blog top priority. From 2014-2015, I put the blog top priority. I felt like I had to post every single day, no matter what. I would go to sleep at 3 AM or 4 AM. By the second half of 2015, I realized I had to stop. It was draining me completely and I realized the fun I used to have with blogging was disappearing so for this 2016, I will not stress about it. If I couldn’t get home to write a post, screw it. My health comes first. Blogging will stay as a hobby, something I enjoy and will do when I have time. Besides, I prefer posting stuff that I put thought into rather than a measly written post and I’m sure you guys too.


Oh. My. God. I can’t actually believe 2015 is over. Happy New Year Guys. May this year be filled with happy moments, loads of love and many many good books.

I started out with no real goals set out for 2015. The only thing I had clear was that I wanted to read more books than the years before. For that  I set the goodreads 2015 challenge to 65 and I accomplished that goal and then some. This year has been so different for me in terms of reading and my life. I’m in my second year of college and I have a 3.94 gpa which I’m so proud of. Everyday I get closer to being a teacher and that makes me so happy. 2016 will be a year where I continue to work hard for my goal.

On the reading aspect I was not a dedicated reader when I started 2015. I read whenever I felt like it and most of the time I didn’t but that changed a lot during 2015. And on top of that I joined this blog in May *many happy tears* and I’m still learning the ways of blogging. With these two things considered I set my goals for 2016 to help me improve in both my reading habits and my blogging skills.

More Blog Post (God knows I need to do them)  

The amount of blog post I did in the last couple of months was extremely low and I’m a little disappointed by that so I’m working really hard on my reading so I can review. Also want to try and start doing discussion post and other fun little things.

Learn to balance reading and college 

My main problem in 2015 with reading and blogging was that I don’t really know how to balance the rest of my stuff with my reading. I get so overwhelmed by college and extracurricular that I usually just put down reading but I want to change that. Suggestions, ideas or recommendations are more than welcome:)

Make more bookish friends

I feel like I haven’t immersed my self in this community. Aside from Gen and another friend I don’t have bookish friends. I would love to talk to more people and be able to fangirl about books and stuff. But I’m so awkward and shy so hopefully I can get over that…


Read 75 books 

10 more than last years’ goals. LET’S DO THIS.

4-month Book Buying Ban/ Save Money

I’m broke guys. Seriously! I’m not even kidding I need to save money and fast. Plus, I have a couple of plans for summer and winter of 2015 and they all require cold hard cash. This also helps me with my other goal of reading the books I own. But there’s a couple of exceptions like I will continue paying my subscription of OwlCrate and if one of my most anticipated releases come out I may or may not spare a little money. Ces’t la vie.

Read the entire Harry Potter Series

I solemnly swear that I will read this damn series even if it’s the last thing I do. The amount of times I neglected this series is just unbelievable but I promise I will read this in 2016. THE ENTIRE SERIES! I will make an unbreakable vow with you guys.

Read more books for review (ARCs)

I want start making a habit of requesting ARCs to read and review. I was afraid to do it because of my reading habits but that’s changing now.

Re-read at least 3 of my favorite books

I have never officially re-read a book so this will be the year where I finally re-read some of my favorite books. So far I want to re-read Ugly Love, Clockwork Angel and Shatter Me.

Read the books I own

The amount of unread books that I own is ridicules. I spent much of 2014 and 2015 growing my collection of books but the amount of reading didn’t in anyway compare with the amount of buying so this year I want to start of by only reading books I own.

Use my TBR Jar

I created my tbr jar back in like October but since I was stuck with college work I didn’t get to use it. My goal this year is to use it to help me accomplish my goal of reading the books I own since those are the only ones in the jar.

What are you planning to continue doing/changing/start new on 2016?

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30 responses to “2016 Resolutions | Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I’ve never used a TBR jar before but it’s definitely something that I’ve thought about!

    Also, this is the first time I’ve been on your blog and I LOVE your header. I have the same Tweak Me theme as you do, but your header is just gorgeous. I love the ombre-ish colors. Did you design it?

    Carlisa recently posted: Ten Blogging Resolutions for 2016
    • My TBR jar didn’t work lol I only did I, put it on my nightstand and it collected dust.
      Erica at Novel Ink did it 🙂 She does some designing with Tweak Me.
      Thank you for visiting!! <3

  2. Some of these are great! I should have mentioned more discussion posts as well since I’d really like to work on that. Alas, I don’t seem to focus on that aspect of blogging. Also, adding TV show catch ups would have been good too! 🙂

    Rissi recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday | 2016 Resolutions
    • I had actually proposed myself to last 6 months but hey, 5 is close so it counts right? Of course, this only counted for physical books. I kept buying kindle books but below $3.99.

  3. I have had to shorten my reading in the last year as well. I just started watching Outlander and Once Upon A Time and I am hooked. It’s also great to re-read some of my favorite books. Great post, Ladies! 🙂

    • I cannot wait for Outlander!! I just need subtitles because that accent is hard for me to fully grasp especially if they talk fast haha
      I love re-reading! I’m obviously rubbing off on my co-blogger 😉 Seriously though. When I’m in a slump, I re-read my fave contemporaries and it does the trick in no time 🙂

    • I’m trying to work on reading what I want and requesting books I want to read, not because of a hype. It got to a point where I would look at an ARC and think “this book could be loved by everyone so I need the ARC” and I would end up not liking it much or not reading it.
      We should totally have fun with our blogs! I mean, that’s why we first created them right? To have fun with it and show our love for books, interact with bloggers and other fun stuff. We should do that 🙂 Good luck, Nereyda on what you wish to accomplish this new year 🙂

  4. Best wishes for you both with these resolutions! Finding blogging balance can be pretty tough sometimes.

    I’ve got two more episodes of Outlander to watch, and I’m nervous. I haven’t read the books so I don’t know what happens, but I’ve heard it’s shocking and I don’t know how I feel about that…

  5. I’m planning on reading less books this year too. I read 300+ last year and after some time I got so burnt out. I just wanted to read ALL.THE.BOOKS. I’m also focusing on less ARCs and I’m really excited to read older titles. Nereyda and I especially want to go back and read some of the older chick lit titles and we can’t wait!

    One of my goals is also to finish up the HP series this year. Those books are so big though! Very scary! 🙂

    Good luck with all of these, ladies. 🙂

    • Nick, your ability to read so many books amazes me.
      I stared HP but haven’t gone through the first book. I need to! The fourth book is so thick though!
      Thanks love!

  6. Awesome resolutions, guys!

    Genesis: Good for you on deciding to read less, that’s something that must of been hard to decide, but I know you had a good reason to do it <3

    Gaby: Read the entire HP series is something I need to do as well. I just start to read them and never finish. I'm insane.

    Erica @ Novel Ink recently posted: 2016 Resolutions: First Edition
  7. Gen I like your goals. More discussion posts is one of mine and I agree on not feeling pressure with posting I felt that a lot last year as well. I have so many series I want to finish but ones I want to start, outlander is one of them. Love your goals Gaby. I love talking with other book lovers it’s just such an awesome community. Good luck on all your goals.

    Megan @ reading away the days recently posted: My Top Ten Bookish Resolutions 2016
  8. I love the difference between your guys goals: one wants to read more whilst the other want’s to read less, one wants to blog more whilst the other wants to make it less of a priority. 🙂
    I’ve seen discussion posts on a lot of peoples list this week, which is so good because hopefully it means lots of new an exciting things to read about on peoples blogs.
    Gen, I hope you get to finish the Lunar Chronicles because they are AMAZING, also Once Upon a Time … SUCH a cool show!
    Gaby, I’m hoping for some rereading this year too, I’ve got big plans to reread my favourite series that I read pre-blog and review them all this year. Super excited to get stuck into them all again. Also I really hope you read and LOVE the Harry Potter series 🙂
    Happy new year to you both and good luck with your resolutions!

  9. Sam

    I am so in synch with Gaby. I gave myself a personal mandate to read the books I own (I can only buy a new book for a signing or if it is a really good sale. I even canceled my Kindle Unlimited subscription, so that I read more of the books I own). I plan to start (and hopefully finish) the Harry Potter series, and I want to finish series I have started for which all books have been published. As for Outlander — binged that series a few months ago (Jamie — sigh). I had tried to read the book, but I found the whole dialect thing tedious to read (I have to really, really pay attention when they speak with that accent), but I have so many friends who love the books.

  10. Great lists Ladies! I can’t believe all the money you girls are going to save with your combined book buying bans. That’s honorable. I didn’t buy any books for the first whole year I was book blogging (i know that sounds crazy, but thanks to tours and netgalley I didn’t spend a penny.) So, I know you can do it! Good luck with all your goals!

    Karen Blue recently posted: 2016 Resolutions ~Top 10 Tuesday

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