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Today I posted a wrap up of my 2018 reading goals. While reviewing them, I didn’t realize how few I actually set. I didn’t really ever go back and check on my progress after the first couple of months, and some of them were kind of a stretch. For 2019 I’m setting quite a few more goals, but I think I can reach them because I also have ways to keep me accountable and on track throughout the year. This year in addition to reading goals, I’m also setting blogging goals!


  1. Goodreads goal of 100 books – I set my reading goal higher than I did last year, but I know this is a goal I can definitely read since I’ve read over a hundred books the last couple of years. I like to set a goodreads goal, but I don’t try to set it too high because I want to make sure I’m enjoying what I’m reading instead of reading just to reach a certain number.
  2. Participate in the Popsugar Reading Challenge – I didn’t do so hot when I tried to participate last year, but I really want to try again this year. I think I can stay on top of this since I printed out the list, will keep it in my reading notebook, so I can just check things off once I’ve gotten to them.
  3. Reread more books -There are always so many books I want to read, so I feel guilty when I reread a book. This year I’m giving myself permission to reread more of my books. In 2018 I read 145 books, and only 17 were rereads! I have so many books I loved and want to experience again, so I’m giving myself permission to let myself enjoy them instead of worrying about the books I haven’t read yet.
  4. Read more own voices – I read more diversely in 2018, and I want to continue that in 2019, but I want to make more of a point to read own voices books. Most of the diverse books I read were own voices, but I think if I make this a priority I will be more intentional in the books I pick up.
  5. Partipate in more reading challenges and readathons – I love reading and watching readathon posts, and I want to participate in more of them. I think they’re a great way to talk to more people in the book community, and reading more books. Since one of my blogging goals is to put myself out there more, doing this will help me reach two of my goals.
  6. Lower the number of books on my backlist to less than 70 – I have so many unread books on my shelf, and I keep buying more! Currently I have 98, and by the end of 2019 I want to get the number down to lower than 70. This may be challenging since I know I’ll be buying books and reading library books/ebooks throughout the year. I think this is a somewhat achievable goal, and if I’m participating in readathons, they will hopefully fly off the shelf faster.


  1. Blog more consistently – I was a little inconsistent with my blog posts this past year, and I don’t feel bad about it, but I think it’ll be better for me if I get into a schedule more. I want to start by posting twice a week at least. I’m not going to set certain days that I want to post, but I want to at least share something twice a week. If I have a few mental health/blogging slumps throughout the year, I’m not going to be hard on myself, life happens. I think if I plan ahead and schedule posts more, I can still have posts ready for times like that.
  2. Respond to blog comment no later than a day after they’re posted – I don’t know why I get so anxious to respond to comments on my posts. I get anxious, and then put off responding for a day or two (or longer), and I want to get better at it. My goal for 2019 is to respond to comments no later than a day after they’re posted/I’ve seen them. Setting this goal will help me be more consistent.
  3. Put myself out there more and make more internet book friends – I’m such a shy, awkward person in real life and already have a hard time putting myself out there sometimes, and I think it’s worse online. I never know how/if I should start a conversation with someone I don’t know, and when I do talk to people I’m kind of weird about keeping the conversation going. One of my goals is to put myself out there more, it doesn’t mean I have to introduce myself to everyone, it can be as simple as commenting on more blog posts and trying to build relationships that way, and by being more active on Twitter and Instagram.
  4. Take more bookish pictures in advance – This is something I’m also not so hot at. It hasn’t been a huge problem this year, but I know that I’m going to be so much busier in 2019 because of internship and practicum at school. Since my schedule will start getting busier during the summer I want to start taking more pictures in advance now, that way it’ll be a habit by the time stuff gets busy. I think this will also help me have better quality pictures instead of rushing to take one and share it because I haven’t posted in a while.
  5. Focus on growing my blog more – This past year I focused more on posting on Instagram and gaining more followers there, than I did on my blog. This year, I want to grow my followers more. I think I can do this by participating in more memes, tags, and guests posts.
  6. Incorporate more of my own pictures onto my blog posts – Since I’m focusing on improving the quality of my photos, I also want to start incorporating them into my blog more.
Let me know what some of your 2019 goals are, and if you have any tips for me to reach mine!
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  1. I will die with my backlist at some astronomical number, but at least I tried, right? I am going to attempt Pop Sugar once again. There are some tough ones on there. I always try to read own voices books, and there are SO MANY good ones coming out this year. Good luck with all your goals!

    Sam@wlabb recently posted: One Old, One New: Sara Barnard Edition
    • Lol at the rate I’m buying books I will never get through my entire physical tbr. I finally printed out a copy of the Popsugar challenge because I know I won’t get any marked off if I don’t do that. Thanks, and good luck with your 2019 reading and goals!

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