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Hello, everyone! *waves excitedly* I’m Genesis and I’m 22 years old *starts singing I’m feeling 22* Ahem. Anyways, I was born in Puerto Rico, a small island in the Caribbean (you may see the beauty of my island right here) and my
first language is Spanish. I learned English when I started Kindergarten in a bilingual school, where the group I was in had ALL the classes in English. Thankfully, I learned quickly. Now, how did Gen get into reading? According to my mom, while she was pregnant, she would always read to me. When I got older, I would carry a doll and a book with me ALWAYS. Then in middle school, I would do book reports for my English class so I had to read (duh!). But it wasn’t until the Twilight fandom occurred that I really fell deeply in love with books and reading (Thank you, Twilight!).

I’m actually a weird bibliophile. There was a point in my life where ALL I wanted was books. All the money I would get was spent on books. Basically, my brain only thought of books. Along the way, I realized I would miss out on a lot in my life. Now, I’m not one of those who prefers to stay in to read rather than go out. Occasionally, it happens if it’s a really great book, but most of the time, you’ll find me hanging out with friends, being with my boyfriend, and dare I say, no book in sight *gasps* I know, I’m weird, but I actually like it this way. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love to read a lot, but I just prefer to enjoy my life more 🙂

Speaking of books, I also have a Bookstagram (@lattenightsbooks). I love the Bookstagram community so much! I’ve felt so welcomed and met so many great people I’m proud to call friends.

The name of the blog came from my love for coffee. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t drink every day. I actually drink once a week. I’m not even supposed to drink coffee. I just always have a cheat day *shhh*.

I’m currently so very happy in a relationship <3 If you’ve seen my Weekly Latte Rewinds post in 2016, you know my boyfriend is amazing and close to perfect. Some bloggers have even said he should start a blog and name it “How to be a boyfriend”. He’s that good and I love to brag about his awesomeness 😀 In all seriousness, he has helped me to be a better person, to grow, to enjoy my life. He’s been a rock in my life and I wouldn’t trade him for anything or anyone.

I’m a Psychology graduate (as of May 2016). Right now, I’m looking for a job and it has been so tough because I’m searching for a secretary or receptionist since I have 3 years of experience in that. The problem is that it’s hard to find a job in this position. I put it in God’s hands and hope something appears soon.

Speaking of God, I’m a Christian in the Seventh-Day Adventist religion. I won’t shove religion down your throat, I won’t judge you. I’ll accept you as you are and if you want me to, even be your friend! 🙂

I really love talking to bloggers and readers, even authors! Don’t be afraid to message me and follow the blog to join the fun and get your latte fill 😀



Hello, Latte Nights Readers!!

I am 27 years old (an ’80s baby), born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, oldest of four siblings, lover of coffee, and mother to one! My son, Spencer, pictured above, was born in April 2016, and is the happiest, greatest, most amazing baby ever! Also, he has clearly taken over my life, because I could not find a single recent picture of myself that did not have Spencerman in it! LOL!

Currently, I am studying online to be a nursing unit clerk in a hospital and am a stay-at-home mom. Spencer and I spend our days playing, and learning, and reading! We go to baby programs a couple of days per week, and spend lots of time with family! Family is so important!

When Spencer naps, or is busy exploring/playing on his own, or with one of our families members, I am reading and reading and reading and reading, taking pictures of books for Instagram, writing about books for Latte Nights, and also, reading!

I have been a complete, total, proud book nerd my entire life! Safely, I can say that the addiction started back in 1998 with Harry Potter! I am a HUGE HP fan – I have five copies of the books, five copies of the movies, more art, merch, candles, Funkos, pins, bookmarks, magnets than I can possibly count, and a tattoo! The original Harry Potter series will always mean everything to me, and one day, I will write a blog post to describe and explain and share this undying, unconditional, possibly unhealthy love! Unlike Gen, I never switched from being the kind of bibliophile who thinks of only books! Every cent I have (that isn’t ear marked for stupid responsibilities *shakes fist*) goes to books! My TBR – which is only of books I own – is over 340 books long! Let’s not even get into the total on my TB-TBR! (that’s ‘to buy to be read’ if you couldn’t guess)

My book interests are vast! I read everything from memoir to horror to graphic novels to young adult to romance to history and other education reads. Usually, I am a mood reader, and I tend to go through waves where I read one genre consistently over the others. My absolute favorite genre is “teen” – in Canada, at least, that is young adult and new adult books – because, as I have discovered throughout 2016, this “genre” actually encompasses every genre!!   I also take part in MANY bookclubs, readalongs, and challenges every month and year! You can find most of that info here and I would be thrilled to have you join me!

Lastly, I am a huge advocate for mental health awareness! I have clinical depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and a long list of acronym conditions that go along with those illnesses/disorders. I do my best to take part in activities and events that promote awareness and advocate for better mental health care throughout Canada. I will definitely be sharing some stories and information here on Latte Nights!
If you want to or need to chat with someone about anything mental health, or just whatever is going on with you, feel free to reach out to me! In this modern age of smart phones, I am always available, and you always have me to lean on!


Thanks for reading!

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