Adios, August! ~ ARC August

September 1, 2016 | Posted by Genesis in Monthly Wrap-Up | 30 Comments

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Taking a look back at what happened in the month of August.

Gen’s Life Happenings

  • I ate a lot πŸ˜€ If you guys kept up with my Weekly Latte Rewind posts, then you know just how much I ate and how delicious all of the foods were *heart eyes* But here’s a picture of a Cheesecake Frito, which is THE BEST DESSERT IN THE WORLD!


  • It was my anniversary with my boyfriend and we had a total blast. Also, his gifts for me were amazing! I got the Hamiltome and a #currently reading wooden bookmark. He took me to iHOP and to Cold Stone. He knows I love to eat a lot so every time we’re together, food is always involved. He also got me as a just because giftΒ A Torch Against the Night!! Yes, he’s a keeper and I’m a lucky woman <3
  • I kick my butt into gear and I was able to be active on the blog with posts, replying to comments, visiting blogs, finding new blogs to follow, etc. Let’s hope I stay this way!

Books Gen Read | ARC August

I read 12 ARCs! I was hoping for more, but let’s be real. I procrastinated a lot. Netflix would take over my life. I’m so sorry, books! I still love you all! 12 books is still good so I’m happy πŸ™‚ I hope for September to read some books that aren’t ARCs. I have two already lined up that I want to read so I’m hoping I get to read them.

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Gen’sΒ Memorable Mentions

all we have leftΒ girl in piecesΒ for better or worse

All We Have Left andΒ Girl in Pieces had such powerful messages that I loved. I got to learn more about a culture in one book, and I was able to relate to a character very strongly in the other.Β For Better or Worse had me laughing and swooning and giggling and all kinds of happy while I was reading. It was amazing! I highly recommend all three books!


for better or worseΒ vein of love

I couldn’t pick one. They are both so opposite! Josh fromΒ From Better or Worse was the best guy ever! I fell for his good looks and for his personality so much. There were times where he had me laughing, and times where my heart would break for him and I wanted to hug him. Tensley fromΒ Vein of Love is a hard pill to swallow but I love the guy so much. He’s arrogant, he’s cold and then he’s hot. He’s just perfect. The guy is perfect. Period. He had my insides melting and had me fanning my face. I cannot wait for more of him *heart eyes*



I loved this! I was so damn sad when I finished the season. This is quality Sci-Fi, in my opinion. It’s dark but it’s also hilarious. This show should have never been cancelled *sobs* I admit when I watched the first episode, I was so skeptical, but my boyfriend told me to keep watching. By episode 2, I could see why this show was loved by many and I am now a fan! As soon as I finished, I watchedΒ Serenity, which is the movie that kind of gives closure to the series.

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Adios, August!
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30 responses to “Adios, August! ~ ARC August

  1. shootingstarsmag

    Sounds like you had a really productive month and yay for reading 12 books! That would always be a good month for me! haha I feel like I read a lot in August overall, but that’s not really the norm for me. Some months are better than others. And mmm…food. ‘Nuff said really.


  2. The Book Disciple

    Firefly was the best! I am still upset it was cancelled! 12 ARCs plus all your other books is still pretty darn amazing! Hope September is just as amazing!

  3. I love all the food you post!! It does make me hungry though. Sounds like it was a wonderful month for you. I read 11 ARCs and was happy so 12 is great!! I too want to read some non ARCs in September. I am ARCed out! LOVE your bookstagram pics. Have a great September!

  4. Eva

    You have an awesome month and yay for reading, eating and anniversaries! I just bought For Better or Worse and can’t wait to read it. Also thanks for posting about the sale of When Stars Collide since I picked that up too ♥

    My August Recap!

  5. August was awesome for you, Gen!

    I want a cheesecake frito! That sounds delicious. I love all of your pictures, you’re creative with that stuff. Me? not so much. Haha.

    I think of all the book bloggers that I follow, I have the most in common with you as far as the books we read. I loved all of the books that I’ve read on your list and the ones I haven’t read are books that I really want.

    Anyway, great post (I love these recap posts) and I hope September is good to you!

  6. Firefly! I was the same as you. After the first episode I was like, “Why does this show have such a cult following.” After the second episode I was hooked.

  7. Wow, girl! Look at all of those books you reviewed this month!! Great job! πŸ™‚ Quite a few of these are on my immediate TBR, so I’m hoping to enjoy them too. I’m definitely excited to read The One Real Thing, For Better or Worse, and The Boyfriend Bet! πŸ™‚

  8. I failed at ARC August this year! I feel like I was doing alright, but then I started Heartless by Marissa Meyer and just lost all of my momentum. I might need to restart it because it’s definitely interesting so far, but I just need to actually find a way to sit down and read the whole thing.

    • That’s why I’m eh on buying Heartless. That happened to me when I read Cinder. I only got to page 128 and got into a slump. Then after a year I went back to it and really enjoyed it. So we’ll see πŸ™‚ I hope you can find a good book that motivates you to read πŸ™‚

  9. Seems like you have a great blogging month! On the contrary, I got a blogging slump in August and only manage to post 1 post xD Glad you love Girl in Pieces! I’ve read so many positive reviews on that book so I’m really excited to read it! πŸ™‚

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