Another Co-Blogger Search!

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Hey, guys! As the title says, we’re looking for a co-blogger. Amanda and I have been very busy this year and it’s been overwhelming trying to have a post up for you guys but failing miserably. Amanda has been dealing with really personal stuff that I won’t discuss but let me tell you, it’s not pretty at all. So send happy thoughts and prayers her way because she really needs it. And you guys know how lately I’ve been struggling with writing reviews. I don’t know why because if I have you in front of me, I will talk about the book non-stop. But it’s been tough writing my thoughts. I’m trying this month to really make more of an effort.

Anyways, we really hope one of you joins the Latte Nights Reviews team!


  • Books, books, books! Lots of book-talk! Not only books but also any of your obsessions (i.e. Netflix, movies, etc).
  • You’ll get access to the blog’s e-mail address to check out author’s review requests. You’ll also be able to use the stats of the blog so you can request books!
  • I’m a lover of books (duh), coffee, beach, going out, movies, TV shows and a whole bunch of other things. More than being co-bloggers, Amanda and I would both love to be friends with you and talk about anything 🙂
  • A trial run will happen to make sure you can be trusted with all of this blogging business, which can sometimes be hectic. 


  • Be active on the blog. This requires posting reviews or any other post ideas two times a week. I’m not heartless and I know real life gets in the way so that’s okay. If this happens, at least once a week. Don’t hesitate to talk to me about it. Trust me, I get it.
  • Spread the love in the blogosphere! This means replying to comments left on your posts, visiting other blogs and commenting on their posts, and be active on social media. Goodreads and Twitter are a must. An Amazon profile is optional.
  • Talk to Amanda and me if you sign up for a blog tour. This is so we don’t sign up for the same one (unless neither of us minds to co-review).
  • This blog features reviews from Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult genres so you can review pretty much anything.


If after reading all of the stuff above you’re still interested, then you’re almost there! List the following in your e-mail:

  • Name. Age. The country where you live in.
  • Genres you prefer to read.
  • Links to Goodreads & Twitter, and any other social media.
  • Links to two reviews: (1) positive, (1) negative (They can be short or long. Doesn’t matter the length.)
  • Link to your blog (if you have one).
  • Tell me all you want about yourself! Let me get to know you 🙂 (Even include your hobbies!)
  • Why would you want to be a part of Latte Nights Reviews?
  • What would you require from us?

Send your e-mail to with the subject Co-Blogger Application.

The application will be open until the end of June or maybe earlier if we find someone we click with.

We really hope to work with one of you soon! Feel free to ask your questions below or in your email. I would so greatly appreciate it if any of you shares this.

Thank you!

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10 responses to “Another Co-Blogger Search!

  1. Sending positive thoughts to Amanda. I hope she will get through this and everything works the way she wishes.
    Anyway, I hope you get the best one to help you guys. I know the struggle. I’m in a vacation now and have been overwhelmed to keep up with the blogging.

  2. Liv

    I admire bloggers, seriously I do. I don’t know how you gals find the time. I spend hours just cleaning out emails (book news, politics, shopping, etc.), checking a few blogs here and there and scrolling through my Facebook notifications/newsfeed. I just stayed up all night doing just that and work is going to suck especially since we’re having a team baseball event to watch the LA Dodgers play against the NY Mets immediately after work ends this evening. So yeah, I don’t know how you gals find the time to read, review and blog about books in addition to other life stuff. Good luck with your 3rd blogger search! You’ve been doing a great job as a duo already.

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