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Taking a look back at what happened in the month of August.

Victoria’s Life Happenings

August was a pretty slow, low-key month for me. I finished my second half of summer classes, and FINALLY had a two week break before Fall classes started. When I went to my first class for this new semester, it kind of freaked me out because it’s starting to get real! We’re finally learning how to conduct counseling sessions, and we’re starting to role play sessions soon. I also drove 5+ hours to see my boyfriend a couple times this month. All that driving sucks, but it’s worth it to get to spend a couple weekends with.

Books Victoria Read

I’ve mentioned in previous wrap up posts that I don’t like setting specific TBRs for myself because I am such a mood reader. The last few months I’ve tried to set a general theme to follow. In August I decided to focus on reading my ARCs, and participate in ARC August. As usual, I strayed away from ARCs, but I still managed to read 7 ARCs!

*Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating (5 stars) – Definitely one of my fave Christina Lauren books EVER. I love this book so much. I’m not going to gush about it much here because I did post my review for it recently, so check that out if you want to know more of my thoughts.

*When It’s Right (4 stars) – Another book I really enjoyed and recommend, but also have a review up so I won’t go into too much detail. If you enjoy hockey romances, definitely check this out!

*We Fed an Island (5 stars) – Another favorite of the year so far (I am having such a great reading year!). This nonfiction book is by Jose Andres, the chef who set up an operation in Puerto Rico to help feed the island in the aftermath of hurricane Maria. This is such a frustrating (because of the obstacles Andres had to deal with) but fantastic read. If this interests you, I’ll have a review up for this book soon!

The Chase (2.5 stars) – I love The Deal by Elle Kennedy, so I was super excited to read more hockey romance set at Briar University. Unfortunately this book didn’t live up to my expectations and was kind of a disappointment. I definitely will read the next book when it comes out though and hope that I’ll enjoy it more than this one.

*Bad For You (DNF) – I heard so much good stuff about J. Daniels’ books, but unfortunately I couldn’t get into this one and had to put it down.

The Good Luck Charm (4 stars) – Apparently this month I really enjoyed reading hockey romances. I enjoyed this book, and if you want to know more check out my review of the book!

*So Close to Being the Shit (3 stars) – This was an okay memoir by Retta. I enjoyed that it was light and fluffy, but it wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be.

*The Breakup (2 stars) – A meh book. The premise sounded interesting, but the execution was not very great.

Not So Nice Guy (4 stars) – I’ve had a weird relationship with R.S. Grey’s most recent releases. If you read my reviews for the last two books of hers I read I didn’t really like them. I was a little wary to read Not So Nice Guy, but I heard so many good things so I gave in and bought it. I’m so glad I did because this reminds me of Grey’s older works which I adore.

Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief (4 stars) – After seeing the Sammy Keyes books at the lib recently and that Lourdes from Unbound Books recently reread the series, I had to urge to reread the series and I picked up the first book. I flew through the book, and loved it as much as I did in middle school. I think this series really holds up over time and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

Wicked and the Wallflower (5 stars) – For part of the month I was definitely feeling in a rereading mood, because after I reread the first Sammy Keyes book, I reread Sarah MacLean’s most recent release. I love this book so much, and can’t wait for the next one in the series to come out.

Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart (4 stars) – Another great Sarah MacLean book read this month. After I finished Wicked and the Wallflower, I wanted to read more of her work, and luckily I had a copy of this one.

Mr. Hotshot CEO (3 stars) – I read Jackie Lau’s most recent release and unfortunately didn’t enjoy it as much as I though I would. I liked the first novel in this series, but this one just wasn’t as good for me. The instalove was too fast for me, and the writing just wasn’t that great.

*The Wicked King (4.5 stars) – A coworker let me borrow her ARC of The Wicked King, and omg the book was SO GOOD. It started off a little slow, but once the action picked up I flew through it. I actually read this book in one sitting because I needed to know what was going to happen.

The Husband’s Secret (4.5 stars) – I was recently introduced to Liane Moriarty, and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to read any of her books. This is the third book of hers I’ve read, and I can’t wait to finish the rest of her work. Liane Moriarty has this amazing talent where she can write about something that doesn’t seem like a big deal but keeps you reading.

*We Are Not Yet Equal (4.5 stars) – loved, loved, loved this book. An important read about oppression in our society. It’s a nonfiction book that looks back at four major events that are still affecting the black community today. I’ll have a review up for this one soon!

The Duchess Deal (4 stars) – I last minute decided to reread this Tessa Dare book before starting her most recent release The Governess Game. It’s been a while since I first read this, and I didn’t remember much of the story before rereading. I really enjoyed this, I think I enjoyed it more this time around than the first time I read it.

*books received by publisher/ARCs

Victoria’s Fave Book

I couldn’t choose just one favorite book in August. We Fed an Island and Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating are two very different books, but they made such an impact on me. These are two books I don’t think I’ll stop recommending anytime soon.

Victoria’s Fave Bookstagram Picture




September Reading Challenge

I’m really enjoying setting specific themes for myself each month. The challenge I’m setting for myself in September is to focus on reading all the library books I have checked out. I keep finding books I want to read at the library, but I tend to neglect them and focus more on books I own or ARCs I receive. I currently have seven books checked out and I’m hoping to finish all of them this month.

Goodbye, August!


  1. I am such a fan of Denault’s series. The Braddocks are an amazing family. I think our hearts will be crushed by the next book though. I am obsessed with Moriarty. I need November to come sooner, because it’s been too long since I read one of her books. Those little last minute twists she throws in there, like in the Husband’s Secret, never fail to amaze me. Good luck with the new semester!

    • Oh man, I think I will have to emotionally prepare myself before starting the next book lol. I also cannot wait for the new Moriarty book. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to finally read her books, because they are all AMAZING. Thank you!

  2. I loved The Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting, yay! Helena always writes books that makes me “live” inside them. I love your bookstagram picture with your paperback copy of The Good Luck Charm. I attempted to participate in the read-along for it , but I fell behind because I’m super slow at e-book reading. Next time, I’ll get the audiobook format since I read so much faster that way.

  3. Josh and Hazel’s Guide is one of my favorite books by Christina Lauren as well! They really hit the jackpot with that one. 🙂 I also do the same thing with library books. I always check them out, and they just sit there neglected until their due back. I always struggle to balance books for school, ARCs, and the randoms I pick from the shelves. *sigh* Alas, the problems of a mood reader!

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