Down with the Shine by Kate Karyus Quinn | Review

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Down with the Shine by Kate Karyus Quinn | ReviewDown with the Shine
by Kate Karyus Quinn
Genres: Magical Realism, Young Adult
Publication Date: April 26th 2016 by HarperTeen
Format: eARC
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2.5 Stars
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss

There's a reason they say "be careful what you wish for." Just ask the girl who wished to be thinner and ended up smaller than Thumbelina, or the boy who asked for "balls of steel" and got them-literally. And never wish for your party to go on forever. Not unless you want your guests to be struck down by debilitating pain if they try to leave.

These are things Lennie only learns when it's too late-after she brings some of her uncles' moonshine to a party and toasts to dozens of wishes, including a big wish of her own: to bring back her best friend, Dylan, who was abducted and murdered six months ago.

Lennie didn't mean to cause so much chaos. She always thought her uncles' moonshine toast was just a tradition. And when they talked about carrying on their "important family legacy," she thought they meant good old-fashioned bootlegging.

As it turns out, they meant granting wishes. And Lennie has just granted more in one night than her uncles would grant in a year.

Now she has to find a way to undo the damage. But once granted, a wish can't be unmade...

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Down with the Shine is a quirky, weird and silly book with lots of disastrous happenings.

Lennie wants to do what her dead best friend told her to do: go to the biggest party held by her classmates and have fun. She takes her uncles moonshine along with her to the party. What Lennie doesn’t know is that her uncles grant wishes using the moonshine. Without knowing, Lennie starts granting wishes from very drunk kids so you can imagine how disastrous this will be.

This story was interesting yet so weird. This is my first time reading a book by this author but apparently this author shines for her weirdness in her stories. I don’t know how I feel about it all. I did enjoy it and it was fun to read about all the crazy wishes that were granted and how they played a part in the story. Like Christy from Christy’s Love of Books said, “Let’s just say I’m not going to eat Cheetos for a while.” Yeah, I agree and I don’t view cheetos the same anymore after reading this story because this kid asks for the Cheetos touch, which was comical but so weird. Another kid asks for balls of steel… Yes, he literally has balls of steel. I did laugh at this because I couldn’t believe the absurdity of his wish. 

The story is definitely silly and I didn’t know if anything that was happening was real. A few stuff happened that I should have felt at least sad about but didn’t because there wasn’t a connection between me and the characters at all. I wasn’t able to believe the romance much. It was kind of cute towards the end but I wasn’t really rooting for them to be together.

Overall, it was enjoyable with all its quirkiness but it wasn’t for me.

About Kate Karyus Quinn

Kate Karyus Quinn is an avid reader and menthol chapstick addict. She has lived in California and Tennessee, but recently made the move back to her hometown of Buffalo, New York, with her husband and two children in tow. She promised them wonderful people, amazing food, and weather that would... build character. Another Little Piece is her first novel.

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  • I’ve heard this one is quirky and I don’t always do well with quirky unfortunately. I would also want to feel a connection with the characters, which doesn’t look like it would happen with this.
    Sorry this wasn’t the book for you, Gen! But great review!

    Nick recently posted: Favorite TV Couples of All Time
    • Yeah, I don’t know. It wasn’t my cup of tea :/
      I’ve learned that if I don’t like a book, it’s very possible you won’t like it haha

  • I am intrigued by this one – mostly because I am not sure I have ever read anything that is this weird. Not sure if it will be for me either though. Great review!

    Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog recently posted: Top Ten Bookish Delights
    • On this one, I can’t say if you will like it or not because like you said, the books you read aren’t this weird. So if you read it, go in with an open mind, just in case. Thank you 🙂

  • It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of this book, and the synopsis sounds really interesting. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to read it, but maybe I’ll consider doing so in the summer or when I’m on vacation. It sounds like a fun read for those kinds of occasions. 😀 Great review, Genesis!

    Mara @ Mara Was Here recently posted: 13 Reasons Why You Should Read The Wrath And The Dawn
    • It will probably be better lol Thank you 🙂

  • So I have to say, I’m totally intrigued by this book’s weirdness. I actually like books that are on the quirky side. I’ve never heard of this author before, but I really want to read this one now. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it more. 🙁

    Lisa @ Lost in Literature recently posted: WoW: No Holding Back + A Torch Against the Night
    • I think you’d enjoy it 🙂

  • lol! What’s funny is, I had some flamin’ hot cheetos the other day and totally thought about this book. This was on the lighter more quirky side of her books. You should try both of her other books still. They’re all so different from each other. One is much darker and a trip, and the other is another magical realism like this, but … different. lol. It’s hard to explain. 😀

    Christy LoveOfBooks recently posted: Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel
    • I’ll trust you and add them to my list 🙂 I actually had Another Little Piece or something like that but I traded the book.

  • Aww I am sorry that you didn’t like this one more! I really did like it, but I can also understand why others find it to be a bit *too* strange. I think its uniqueness was what made me love it, and I did really like the romance, but again, totally see where you are coming from too! Great review!

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: The 100 Episode 3×12: Demons
    • I can see how others love it but it wasn’t for me :/ Thank you 🙂