{Blog Tour} ARC Review + Giveaway: Ever Locked by Jeannie Kaye

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{Blog Tour} ARC Review + Giveaway: Ever Locked by Jeannie Kaye

{Blog Tour} ARC Review + Giveaway: Ever Locked by Jeannie KayeEver Locked
by Jeannie Kaye
Series: Dunnavin Saga #1
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Publication Date: January 13, 2015 by Yes U Publications
Pages: 262
Format: ARC
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3 Stars
Source: Publisher

Engaged to a billionaire; in love with the gardener. Which will she choose – or will her choice be made for her?

Iris Kent isn’t supposed to fall in love with Alonzo Locke. She’s engaged to Trip Dunnavin—the most eligible bachelor in Dallas. Her future is supposedly set in diamond encrusted stone.

Yet, Alonzo sees through the bubbly exterior of the raven-haired beauty that captivates his heart. Iris is hiding something. Not everything is glittery in her privileged universe.

But just as they realize the strength of their connection, Alonzo's own shadowy secret drives a wedge between them.

Now Iris is locked out of love and locked in a world of outward opulence, silent deception and wordless suffering.

Can Alonzo right the wrongs done to them both before it’s too late?


Might include spoilers but this is a HEA.


If I had read this book before becoming a book blogger, I probably would have loved it but that’s not the case. My biggest issue with this book is the insta-love. When I say insta, I mean as soon as they meet…so it is love at first sight. Let me explain. Iris is engaged to Trip Dunnavin, a man that abuses her physically and mentally and emotionally, doesn’t love her, manipulates her and is downright mean BUT this doesn’t give Iris the right to just…fall in love instantly especially with a guy she just met…literally, just met! I’m glad she didn’t instantly act upon these feelings and she really did try to leave Trip before she got with Zo, so for that, kudos.

I had mixed feelings with Iris. I would get so frustrated with her. She should have just woman up, leave Trip (should have done it a long time ago) and start slowly with Zo, the new guy she met. I know it is not easy to just walk away while in a abuse relationship. I know my fair share of people, even family members that have gone through this, and I know it is hard but what frustrated me about Iris’ character is that she really let everyone walk over her and she wouldn’t defend herself.

Anyway, Zo is a wanted man for committing a murder he didn’t do. Trip finds out who he is and blackmails Iris, telling her that if she doesn’t marry him, he will go to the authorities so they can arrest Zo. What does Iris does? She accepts. I would have gone to Zo, hire the best lawyers I could afford and fight it head on.

Aside from those two things that bothered me with this novel, I enjoyed the story, especially Buddy and Ella. Buddy is Zo’s little brother and Ella is Iris’ best friend. Those two characters were funny and amazing and I love them. They got a lot of spotlight in this book and for that, I am grateful because these two characters saved the story for me. Ella is the kind of friend I would love to have. She is strong, has a good head on her shoulders, knows what she wants and is realistic, whereas Iris lives more in la-la land and lets others walk all over her.

There were times that I wished Zo had forgotten about Iris but that man really was in love. I believe he would have let her go if Iris had said so but Zo knew that Iris wasn’t going to last with Trip. She wasn’t happy at all but with Zo she was a whole new person, filled with life. In the end, I’m glad everything worked out for these two souls that were destined to be together. I wish the ending hadn’t been rushed but it was still good.

This story is raw and filled with emotions that tests true love and each character’s decisions. After the aspect of the insta-love passed, I enjoyed the romance. I honestly would have liked more with Iris and Zo. Their feelings got to be so strong for one another and Zo was forever the perfect gentleman, always saying the right things and meaning them, always taking care of Iris…his feelings were so true and deep.

Once again, the story was good and I do recommend it to those that love the idea of an insta-love story because you will get it and I’m pretty sure you will love it, especially the beautiful romance.

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About Jeannie Kaye

Jeannie is many things – wife, mother, entrepreneur, life coach, personal trainer, speaker – but at the heart of all things, she is a writer. From the University of Texas student newspaper and award-winning science textbooks to romance novels, Jeannie’s writing continues to evolve and diversify.

Jeannie is best known as Jeannie Fulbright, author of seven science textbooks, 14 complementary workbooks and seven accompanying audiobooks. The books, of which nearly one million have sold, have won awards every year since 2007, including Reader’s Choice Awards, Old Schoolhouse Review and EE awards and Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards. Jeannie’s science curriculum is one of the most highly rated in the nation.

With her children nearly grown and the last textbook written, Jeannie now has the opportunity to pursue her long-time dream of writing fiction. Drawing upon her masters-level work in counseling, life coaching and marital teaching experience, Jeannie is committed to writing provocative romance stories that offer substance by dealing with real life issues, including marriage, personal and relational success and emotional wellbeing.

To differentiate her educational books from her romance novels, Jeannie writes fiction under the pseudonym Jeannie Kaye (www.jeanniekaye.com). It’s been a well-received transition – one of her early, unpublished works won the ACFW First Impressions award. Ever Locked, the first in a gripping series, is now available. Always Tripped will be available summer 2015.

Jeannie has been featured in Georgia Home Educators Association Magazine, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Homeschool Enrichment Magazine and many state organization magazines. She’s also a well-known keynote speaker at conventions nationwide. Jeannie, a life coach with a BA in Psychology, speaks on homeschooling, parenting and college preparation.

Jeannie was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, grew up in Austin, Texas and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from the University of Texas in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and became a life coach in 2013. She is passionately in love with her husband, who has been romancing her since they met in college. Together they have four children – two teens and two new adults – Jeannie’s very favorite people on the planet.

When Jeannie is not working, she can be found boating with her kids, traveling or writing. Always writing.

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14 responses to “{Blog Tour} ARC Review + Giveaway: Ever Locked by Jeannie Kaye

  1. Thanks for your honest review, GenGen. I appreciate your thoughts and understand your perspective. I hope you'll give the next book in the series a chance as you'll probably like the strong female protagonist and the slow development of the relationship (actually a bit oppositional at first) better.

    Have a fantastic week!



    • If you do, I'd love to know your thoughts on it so feel free to message me 🙂 I'm going to be reviewing the rest of the series anyway because the author surprisingly wanted me to keep reviewing.

  2. I truly did like your review (maybe gave a bit too much away and so I really appreciate the spoiler alert), but I value your honesty, GenGen. It's been a journey for me to figure out the perfect audience for my books. I think I originally believed it would be college-aged students, but I'm finding this book seemed to resonate more with women that are slightly older – not sure why. The next book, Always Tripped, has a feisty, fierce and often snarky female protagonist. But who else could tame Trip Dunnavin? I think the second book may resonate more with your age group. We shall see!

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