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Last April I shared a post about books I needed to read before the end of 2018 or else I had to get rid of them. After posting that, I made more of an effort to read these books or get rid of them, and to pick up older books I’ve been passing over for so long. I’ll have a post later this month with updates about that project, but I thought it would be fun (and v helpful to me) if I did that again for 2019, except this time I’m going to have 12 books on my list.

All the books I’m sharing in this post are ones I really want to read, and think I’ll enjoy immensely when I get to them, but for some reason I’ve put them off. Sometimes the books seems daunting either because of the premise, or because of the size of the book. Also, a lot of these are my picks from Book of the Month. Why the heck do do I get excited about a book and then put it aside for months at a time?!

China Rich Girlfriend – I’m so eager to read this book (and I think it’ll be a five star read!), but I think I need this push of reading or getting rid of it to make myself pick it up soon.

The Nightingale – I’ve heard nothing but good things about this novel, but I’ve been scared to read it because it’s so long and because it’s set during World War II which means it’ll probably be sad and make me cry.

Six of Crows – I honestly don’t know why I haven’t read this book yet. So many people love it, and I keep getting excited about reading it when I see it on my shelf, but I still haven’t picked it up. Thankfully I’ll finally get to it in 2019!

Needful Things – I love Stephen King and I don’t get intimidated by his books easily, but after reading a few of his tomes in 2018, I haven’t wanted to pick one up for a while. The premise of the book sounds like such a fun read, that I know I’ll enjoy it when I finally pick it up.

Red Clocks – I’ve started this book before and was enjoying it, but I feel like I need to focus on the story more than I was able to at the time so I set it down. I think having a lighter course load, and the push of having to get donate the book if I don’t get to it will help me finally read it.

The Rules of Magic – Another Book of the Month I selected and still haven’t read (there are four of them on this list!). I don’t know why I get so excited about my BOTM selection, and then put it on my shelf instead of read it?! In 2019 I’m finally going to read one of my first BOTM selections ever.

Circe – Lol. BOTM again. I’ve heard so many amazing things about this book, but still haven’t read it. I promise I’ll get to it in 2019.

Nine Perfect Strangers – I’m just so disappointed in myself at this point, here’s my fourth BOTM selection. I love Liane Moriarty, and I don’t know why I didn’t read this as soon as it came in, but fingers crossed I get to it soon.

It’s Not Like It’s a Secret  I’ve had this contemporary YA on my shelf for a while now, and I keep passing over it when I go to select a book. In 2019 I’m finally going to move it to my read shelves!

Her Body and Other Parties – I’ve read a couple of the stories from this book, enjoyed them, but then put the book down for some reason. I think this will be easy to finish once I pick it back up in 2019 because it’s a collection of short stories.

Which book should I pick up first?
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12 responses to “BOOKS I NEED TO READ IN 2019

  1. I’m agreeing with the others, you should definitely pick up The Nightingale soon!! I was easily one of my fave reads. Made me cry hard (and shamefully at times even while reading it in public, hahaha). I’ve been hoping to read Nine Perfect Strangers as well just because it’s by Liane Moriarty 🙂

    • I’m getting super hyped up for reading The Nightingale since everyone seems to say it’s the first I should read! Oh man, I’ll have to make sure not to read it in public though. I’ve heard mixed things about Nine Perfect Strangers, but I love Moriarty so I’m going to just read and see what I think of it.

  2. Circe is one of my absolute favorite reads of 2018, and I really hope you’ll love it too! It’s so gorgeously written, and just beautiful all around. And Six of Crows has a special place in my heart too – I hope you’ll enjoy it!! 🙂

    Lovely post! <3

    • So excited to hear that! I’m looking forward to both of those books, honestly all the books on this list are ones I’m sure I’m going to love, I just haven’t picked them up for whatever reason.

  3. Red Clocks is one I need to pick back up again as well! I haven’t gotten far but I enjoyed it for the most part, I just am apparently flaky at reading things this year oops! As for the rest–China Rich Girlfriend is SO FUN. You’re going to love it. That entire trilogy was a blast. I binge read it last year and I really had a fun time with it.

    • We all get that way sometimes lol. Yay, so excited to hear that! I really enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians when I read it a couple years ago, and I’m excited to get back into the series.

  4. Red Clocks and Circe are both gonna be on my list of year-end favorites FOR SURE. I loved them, but I totally see how reading mood could make or break them. If it helps, the audio for Red Clocks was great and has multiple narrators! Sometimes that helps me get through books I’m not in the mood to read physically. I adored Her Body and Other Parties, too. The Nightingale will def make you cry, but if you’re ever in the mood to read sad stories, it’s a great one! Now is the perfect time to read SoC, with King of Scars coming out next month!!

    • I’ll definitely have to check out the audiobook for Red Clocks! I’m going on a long drive soon, and that’ll be perfect for the drive. Didn’t even realize more books in the SoC world was coming out, I’ll have to hurry and read everything soon lol.

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