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Last week I posted 1o books on my currently reading shelf on Goodreads. These are books that’ve been on there for a couple months at least. I didn’t count any of the books I’m actively reading, but instead books that are just sitting there and I haven’t thought about for a while. My goal for this series on the blog is to try and hold myself accountable and finish these books soon.

what I read:

Unspeakable Acts – I love this book. It’s a collection of essays about true crime and discusses so much. There’s the obligatory essay about Ted Bundy (which tbh I skipped bc I’m over reading about him) and Gypsy Rose Blanchard, but there’s also essays about the ethical dilemma of true crime, as well as essays about stuff I don’t typically associate with true crime. My favorite essays from here are “What Bullets Do to Bodies” and “Checkpoint Nation”. Also heads up, trigger warning in the essay ” ‘I’m a Girl Now’, Sage Smith Wrote. Then She Went Missing” for transphobia and dead naming.

Meet Cute Club – This was such a cute book, idk why I put it down initially because it was cute and a fast read. I really enjoyed reading about how much Jordan loves romance novels, and seeing him and Rex’s relationship progress. I did get confused a bit while reading because the pov would switch in the middle of paragraphs.

Stamped From the Beginning – So I didn’t finish this book, but I read about 10% more this week. This is a dense book, and I want to make sure I’m processing what I’m reading instead of binge reading just to finish.

what’s left:

This next week I’m planning on reading more from Stamped From the Beginning, and finishing The Rebel King (for real this time), American Sweethearts, and Eight Dates.

Let me know if there’s a book I should read next!
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