An Ember in the Ashes + A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir | The wait for three is too long!

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I love this series so very, very much!

My one and only complaint is that it took a while to really get hooked! It wasn’t until about page 73, the end of chapter nine that I was sucked in, and officially OWNED by Sabaa Tahir. Up until this point, I thought it was a good book that I would probably rate a 3 and not bother with the sequel… Than that bomb drops! The one that tells us how our main character’s are going to meet, you know? That was when my stomach dropped, my eyes popped open, and I felt that familiar tug to devour a book!

Let me just say, when you are involved in a readalong and the book is this good, you are in for a TOUGH month! LOL. I follow fairly strictly to my readalong and buddy read schedules – I don’t read ahead, I make sure I’m around for chats, I take notes – but it is not easy to close a book after being knocked off a cliff! Jacky, a friend of mine over on Instagram (@betterwithabookinmyhand), and here in the blog world, hosted the #AEITAReadAlong – and the #ATATNReadAlong after it – and we commiserated about our slow death at the hands of Sabaa Tahir week after week! We would read the weeks chapters immediately after the chats, message each other in the morning about the insanity that we just read – and how long six/seven days suddenly seems – and inevitably do the same thing all over again the next week like junkies!

Getting into AEITA from chapter ten on was amazing! Laia’s growth between the lose of her family, entrance into Blackcliffe as a slave, and subsequent spy work is  well written, and consuming. Personally, Sabaa Tahir made Laia come across at just the right balance of insecure and determined, helping me feel really connected to her, despite the fact that other than our sex, we do not have a single thing in common! This goes twice for the latest love-of-my-life, Elias Veturius *swoon*, who struggled constantly against and for his own nature. No part of me is a soldier, let alone one of Mask level awesomeness (though I definitely wish I was), but I still connected with him! I understood his struggle, his heart, his anger, all in despite of a complete lack of common ground!!!

I could not start and finish ATATN fast enough! By the end of AEITA I was having dreams about what Elias and Laia would do next, or in the future, and when it was time to jump back in to Serra and join them again, I was more than ready!

ATATN does not slow down! Start to finish, this book had me sitting on the edge of my seat either because of the action or because I was DYING to know what twist I was about to fall for! The entire book was one zag, when you expected a zig, after the other, after the other, after the other! Cook?! Keenan?! I mean, COME ON! Between having no idea who was who, and finding out that everything you thought you knew was a lie, this book was non-stop!

Bonus, at least as far as I am concerned, this series is a pretty easy read – fantastic for anyone to open, love, and finish in a fairly quick, easy fashion.

HUGE negative – book three is not out until 2018, and book four is not out until 2020!!! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT?! I have never hated and loved one single author more than Sabaa Tahir! Even writing this review (and then editing it for Latte Nights!!!) is killing me!

There is a very good chance I will be hosting a reread of these bad boys every couple of years, and thus repeatedly and openly defying my own “Do not read an incomplete series” rule!

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  1. Leah Wong

    Hello, Amanda! Would you believe I still have to read this series? I am so far behind on popular books (Throne of Glass, ACOTAR, this one). Thanks for reviewing. Maybe once all the books come out, I’ll do a huge binge read. 🙂

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