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January 1, 2017 | Posted by Genesis & Amanda in Readathons & Challenges | 16 Comments

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE <3 I hope this new year brings you lots of blessings and awesome moments πŸ™‚

Well, it’s officially that time of year where I sign up for various reading challenges and try so very hard to complete them but by March I give up LOL But not this year! This year, I’m going to be positive and I will complete the challenges!!

Joining me on this post today is my new co-blogger Amanda!! She’s been posting a few of her reviews in December so you may go check them out here. Her official intro post will go live on Wednesday! πŸ˜€


Host: Andi’s ABCs
Progress:Β 7/50
1 January, 2017 β€” 31 December, 2017

Contemporary Romance is my go to genre! I’ve never joined this challenge so I decided to give it a try this year. I put 50 as my goal and I really hope I make it or surpass it. I would fall under the Grand Slam lever, which is to read 21+ books.

Host: Reading Books Like a Boss
Progress:Β 7/12
1 January, 2017 β€” 31 December, 2017

I was not going to join this one but Amanda joined so I thought we could participate together. The prompts seem easy enough so fingers crossed!


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Amanda’s Bookclubs / Readalongs

Instagram bookclub feeds I am part of (depending on the book / how my month is going)
@kindredreaders – hosted by many much loved bookstagrammers including @dropandgivemenerdy – the genius behind the Nerdy Post Box! – @eatdrinkreadrepeat (Alexis’s sister), @meredith.mara, @writinglaraferrari… and more that I am totally forgetting!
@randralong – hosted by someone I happily get to call a friend, and fellow Canadian, Milana, @acouplereads, @inkwellsandbooksmells, and sometimes a guest host (look out for yours truly in 2017!)
@socialbookclub – hosted by @serialbibliophile via @socialbookco AND with massive sale prices on books

Jacky, @betterwithabookinmyhand, also hosts readalongs, and when she does, you can safely bet that I am involved!

PLUS! My own #thegrishareadalong – more info to come here on the 11th!


16 responses to “Happy New Year | 2017 Challenges

  1. I really want to participate in more challenges, but the GoodReads challenge is the only one I do every year. With baby #3 coming soon, i’m sure life is gonna change for the crazy, so I reduced my goal by 50 just because I don’t want to bite off too much.

  2. I’m super bad at challenges so I’m only doing the Goodreads reading challenge and a little personal challenge of mine is reading more books that have been on my shelves waiting to be read. Good luck!

  3. That’s a lot of challenges! I never do challenges besides the Goodreads one because I like having a very rigid blog schedule (#crazypeopleproblems). πŸ˜€ I think, if I ever drop the amount of review copies I accept/request, I’ll think about doing challenges. I don’t really care to do them (besides Goodreads). The totally doable one is hilarious though. πŸ˜€ Best of luck, ladies!

    Happy New Year!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  4. Charlie Anderson

    Lots of challenges! I had to simplify for this year and really focus on my NetGalley requests (long past due). Good luck!

  5. You guys are participating in so many fun challenges! I’m a total mood reader, which can make challenges tricky, but I’m trying to do more this year. I’m also doing Netflix & Books (of course), and I’m planning to do Diversity Bingo 2017! Best of luck to you both with your reading challenges this year! <3

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