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If you guys didn’t know by the pictures I share on my Weekly Latte Rewind post, I’m a huge fan of Bookstagram! I’m obsessed with it. It’s the only social media I check constantly. I just love all the pretty pictures! When I saw that Molly had done this tag back in October, I knew I had to participate in this so let’s get started!

What’s your Instagram handle? @lattenightsbooks

How long have you been in the Instagram community? I would say 2 years, but I’m not really sure. Back then, my picture quality was horrible and I didn’t know anything about lightning or whatnot. It’s safe to say my account when through so many transformations. I would take pictures at night time (biggest no-no), then I started taking pictures on a white-wood backdrop but realized that wasn’t my thing since I would get so frustrated with all the props. Then I switched to my bed. Until finally, I just take pictures wherever (mostly coffee shops).

How many people do you follow? 1,440

How many followers do you have? 14.7K!! I never thought I’d pass 5k, let alone 10k. And now I’m almost at 15k. It’s crazy that so many people follow me. Sometimes I feel like all of them will disappear or that it’s all a dream. It’s just unreal.


What’re your favorite hashtags? I don’t really check the hashtags. The few I check are #booksandbeans #booksandcoffee #coffeenclothes

What is your favorite genre of picture? Well, books obviously. But I especially like when they have coffee in the picture 😀


How often do you post? I try for once a day. Lately, I post 6 out of 7 days a week, but it’s mostly all 7 days.

How often do you check Instagram? Pfft all the time! I’m ALWAYS on Instagram. I drain my phone’s battery because of Instagram. I love love love it!

What’s your favorite filter? I don’t use Instagram filters. I prefer using VSCO filters, such as HB1, which is my favorite one.

iPhone only, purist, or rebel? iPhone all the way!

What is the best part about being in this community? The pictures!!! Okay, I kid I kid. Honestly, it’s the people I’ve met. I’ve met quite a lot of people on Instagram and they are all amazing. I find out about every book on Instagram. Or if I need a push to buy a book, Instagram is always there to push it all on me. It’s also a great way to get to know people. I sometimes include questions in my captions and it’s great to interact with people.

What is the worst part about being in this community? I guess it would be book accounts stealing pictures and not giving credit. This has happened to me before and I was very frustrated by it. I know a lot of people add a watermark but I’m too lazy for that haha But if it happens again, I’ll have to add it to my pictures.

Three favorite IG accounts currently? I cannot choose just 3! Below are some of my favorite accounts ever!

As you can see, I love Bookstagram, especially sharing my passion for books (and coffee). If you’re on Instagram, give some love to the ladies above since their feeds are gorgeous!! And leave your username below 🙂

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11 responses to “I Heart Bookstagram Tag

  1. Yay for bookstagram! I joined this year, and I’m obsessed. I’m not good with props either (though I do love the pictures of people who use them!), so I mostly just take photos of books. Sometimes I’ll add a prop if I’m feeling adventurous though. Oh, and I’m @bookish_anna 🙂

  2. I love the idea of Instagram and I know a lot of people are switching over from other SM platforms due to all the negativity but I don’t have a smartphone :'( They need to make it available for people like me who are completely old school. LoL I love looking at all the pictures.

  3. Your Instagram is seriously beautiful! I totally agree that pictures of books and coffee are the best pictures. 🙂 I don’t really do Bookstagram myself, but I have a huge appreciation for it, and I love following bookish accounts (thanks for the recs, by the way).

  4. What a fun tag! I don’t post on IG as much as I used to (time is always an issue) but I still make time to check out my feed for all the gorgeous book pics. And I love your IG!

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