Latte Nights Obsessions #2

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Gen’s Latte Nights Obsessions

latte nights obsession #2

Captured by You: Goodreads • Amazon
Pitch Perfect 2 Soundtrack: Amazon

  • Captured by You: I read this 90k word book in 2 HOURS! It filled me with so many feels… Amber Hart is an another that always leaves me crying with her books. Before You was the first book I read by her that had me BAWLING! She is amazing and everyone needs to read her books. (Read my review)
  • Game of Thrones: I watched season 2 completely from Wednesday, May 20 at 9:30pm to Thursday, May 21 at 4:47am…. I was glued to my laptop and didn’t want to stop watching. I woke up Thursday at 11am and I watched first episode of season 3… I am hooked on this show.
  • Pitch Perfect 2: I saw Pitch Perfect 2 twice at the movie theater. I love it! I saw it the day it came out (Thursday, May 14 at 3:45pm) and saw it this week on Sunday, I believe. It has good comedy and the music could be better but those Europeans! Wow! I’ve had My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark/All I Do Is Win cover by DSM and Flashlight cover by Barden Bellas stuck in my head and it’s all I have been singing lately.

tiny pretty things

  • Tiny Pretty Things: Wow wow wow! This story is so dark and twisted! The characters are so flawed and the writing of this story is just perfect. I really liked this story a lot! (Read my full review)

Gaby’s Latte Nights Obsessions

PicMonkey Collage

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick : Goodreads • Amazon
Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin: Goodreads • Amazon
Never Too Late by Micalea Smeltzer: Goodreads • Amazon

  • Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick– I already talked about this book in our last Latte Nights Obsessions and my thoughts haven’t really change. Plus I still haven’t read much of it. But yeah still hoping I will like this
  • Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin– I have decided to change the way I’m reading this book. I’m going to try and read it little by little. Probably a chapter or two every now and then. That way I don’t get overwhelmed with this book and I don’t fall behind on my reading and my goodreads challenge.
  • Never Too Late by Micalea Smeltzer- I’m in the mood for a contemporary/new adult so I’m gonna be picking this book up this week. Guys, I’m so EXCITED! I loved the first book and I expect nothing but great things from this one.



  • Pitch Perfect 2– I literally just got back from watching Pitch Perfect 2 and I  liked it. The music was really good and I liked the story. The only problem I had with this movie was the racist comments/jokes. I get it, it’s comedy but they went a little overboard. Other than that it was good.
  • Poltergeist- Guys if you don’t like horror movies, don’t watch this. I went to see this with my sister yesterday and it was good. I’m not one to watch scary movies on a regular basis but I can watch them on rare occasions. Yeah, I will be screaming, shaking and watching more than half the movie behind the protection of my hands or a pillow if i have one but I watch them… Anyway this was good I wouldn’t say I loved it but I also didn’t hate it, so yeah.

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5 responses to “Latte Nights Obsessions #2

  1. Gaby: Pitch Perfect 2 was just okay for me. Pitch Perfect is one of my all-time favorite movies, but this one fell a little short for me. I wanna see Poltergeist so badly!

    Gen: I need to read Tiny Pretty Things asap, it sounds so good & especially since you compared it to PLL but 10x more evil (is that the way to say it?)!

  2. Gaby: Yay! I see you have also been infected with the Willow Creek series <3 For me, I have Gen to blame xD lol

    And ugh Gen you and Pitch Perfect are killing me. I'm, metaphorically, dying to see that movie. I need to, but I can't. Blah. I'll have to wait until HBO or Netflix has it available Dx

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