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Time for one of my favorite kind of posts! I’m finally sharing my least favorite books of 2018! Overall I had a pretty good reading year, and even if I didn’t love all of the books I read, most of them weren’t bad necessarily. Unfortunately There were eight books that I read that I didn’t enjoy at all and found some issue with when reading.

Labyrinth Lost – I picked this book up because the premise sounded amazing (brujas? Of course I want to read that!) and because I heard pretty good things about the book. Unfortunately the book did not live up to my expectations at all. I felt that everything happened too quickly to the main character. She hadn’t practiced magic most of her life, but she didn’t struggle at all and everything came so easily to her.

Infraction – Oh man, this book. From the beginning I was having issues with some of the things the characters were doing. Normally I would have DNFed it, but I got the book for review so I pushed through and read the whole thing. The main characters brother was very controlling, to the point where it didn’t seem healthy to me. Also a chronic illness was used as a plot twist and that didn’t sit right with me.

The Beau and the Belle – Another book I didn’t enjoy because of an overly controlling male character. I don’t remember much of what happened since I read this book so early in 2018 and I didn’t enjoy it at all, but I remember the strong negative feelings I had about this book.

The Corner of Holly and Ivy – I thought this book would be a cute, if cheesy Christmas book but it ended up being all over the place and just confused me the whole time I was reading it.

Elevation – I love Stephen King, but this novella fell short. It’s marketed as a horror story, but there’s nothing scary about it. There’s some magical elements, but not horror. It was also very white savior-y which just made me roll my eyes the whole time I listened to the audiobook.

Fight or Flight – Initially I enjoyed this book and it was very quick and binge-able, but once I finished and had time to reflect about it (and read other reviews about it) I realized how many issues there were in this novel. The male love interest is just cruel to the female main character, plus there’s a super sketchy part where he ignores her when it comes to contraception.

Switch and Bait – The premise initially drew me in, but the novel overall was pretty disappointing. There was no chemistry between the characters, and some of the things that kept them apart in the past were briefly mentioned but never really resolved so it didn’t feel complete.

Final Draft – I think what disappointed me most about this novel is that I’ve enjoyed Redgate’s other novels so much. Like her other novel, Final Draft has great representation, but parts of the story were drowned out by other things thrown in. Laila’s a writer, and a big fan of a tv show, and excerpts from both are thrown into the story and take away from the main plot.

What were some books you were disappointed by in 2018?
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  1. I read the description of Elevation and I couldn’t quite figure it out, if that makes sense. I couldn’t figure out how King would put his kind of twist on that story or what it really was about so I decided to not read it. Also, sad to se Labyrinth Lost on here. I pick book 1 & 2 of this series at Bookcon signed so I am hoping I like it a little more, but your concerns are ones that I would find fault with as well. Fingers crossed!

    • You are not missing anything by not reading Elevation. I love King, but this just did not live up to his other books at all. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the second book in the Labyrinth Lost series and want to pick it up soon, but the first one just didn’t really have any tension and everything was too easy. Hope you enjoy the series when you get to it though!

  2. I actually enjoyed some of the books on this list, but I was somewhat disappointed with Final Draft. Redgate is usually a hit for me. I liked the organic diversity and Laila’s friends, but the story within the story didn’t work for me. That is always hit or miss for me, and maybe it’s because of what you said, how it may have been drowning out other parts of the story.

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    • Redgate does diversity and friendship well, and I hate that everything else about the book brought it down for me 🙁 Glad that you were able to enjoy some of the other books on this list though!

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