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I thought it’s time for a life update from me! I don’t think I’ve ever done a life update, I just give short updates during my monthly wrap ups but I’ll give more info on what’s going on in my life.

If you remember, I decided to participate in Blogmas this year. I was super excited about posting, even when I started getting behind and writing my posts only a few hours before they would go up (why do I like to stress myself out like this?) In the middle of writing one of my posts I noticed that my followers dropped by quite a bit in like three days, and I assumed it was because I was posting too much. I felt really discouraged and didn’t end up finishing the post for that night, and then didn’t really want to post the few days after that. I know we’re supposed to blog for ourselves, and not let numbers affect us, and I try to, but I just felt so discouraged. Turns out there’s something up with the number of followers showing up on here, and how many I actually have on Bloglovin. Idk why there’s a difference and how to fix it, but that’s what’s up. Even though I realized there really wasn’t an issue with losing followers, I was still feeling a little discouraged. After a few days I was excited to start posting again, but I went home for the holidays and spent very little time online at all. This break was so necessary for me because I was able to connect with my friends and family and not have to worry about posting on here or Instagram. I do want to be more consistent with my posting, but when breaks like this come up I’m definitely going to take them.

I was able to go home for a little over a week! It was so relaxing to go home and not have to worry about school or work. It was nice seeing my family in a relatively relaxing setting (the holidays are still kind of hectic) as opposed to the stress surrounding the last few visits I had with everyone.  I’ve written about my sister and her brain tumor before, but I didn’t go into how stressful it was for everyone. I flew home twice in the last few months to be with my family during surgeries, and while it was nice to see everyone and be together, we didn’t get much time to relax because of everything that was going on. An update on my sister is that she’s still recovering, but is doing really well right now. This experience has been super stressful on the whole family, and I’ve felt extra stressed out because I’m so far away from them and not getting to be there for most of the stuff going on. I’m finally starting to relax because things are going smoothly now, and life is almost back to normal for everyone.

I’ve finished my Fall semester, and only have four more semesters of grad school left! This is my second year of grad school, but it’s finally been getting ~real~. The first year was just classes on ethics and diversity and theories, but this last semester we learned techniques and have had to counsel each other during class. This is the first counseling we’ve actually done, and it was terrifying and exciting at the same time. I’m also excited about next semester, because it will be my LAST SEMESTER of classes! Starting in the summer I’ll meet with a small class and professor, but most of the learning will be from practicum and internship where I’ll be counseling actual clients! This is so intimidating, but it’s exciting that I’m actually starting to plan my future and do real world stuff now. I’m closer to being a ~real~ adult and it’s kind of weird and scary.

Hope you enjoyed reading my update and learning a little more about me. What are some exciting updates in your life?
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  1. Breaks from blogging are really important especially when things are extra hectic. It’s good to know your sister’s doing good 🙂
    I haven’t entered grad school because I’m really scared of it! Good luck with your last semester of classes as well as your upcoming internships, Victoria!

    • Agreed! It’s no fun to blog when there’s so much else going on, especially since blogging is supposed to be fun. Thanks, we’re all so relieved and excited now that the worst is over. It’s definitely a lot of work so just be prepared for that, but if it’s something you want to do/need to reach your goal it’s definitely worth it!

  2. I tried to do Blogmas on Twitter, and the blogger I was following had great topics, but they just didn’t all fit for me, and then there was Christmas and Top10of2018. A month is a big commitment. Claps all around for everyone, who accomplished it. Good luck with your new semester. Grad school can be tough, but there’s a career at the end of that, and it sounds like you are really passionate about what you are studying, so, that’s awesome.

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