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Taking a look back at what happened in the month of May.

Victoria’s Life Happenings

May is over and summer is about to begin! This month was PACKED for me. I finished my first academic year of grad school (woo!) and I’m about to start my summer classes, which I’m looking forward to, but also seem a little intimidating because classes are crammed into one month.During the middle of the month I went to my sister’s college graduation and bought more clothes from my alma mater (GO ROOS!). I also traveled out of town with my boyfriend for his med school summer preview! This wrap up’s going up a little later than I anticipated because his summer preview has been jam packed with activities and he doesn’t have wifi set up yet. I’m so excited for him, but I’m going to hate that he’s so far away from me now *cry*

Books Victoria Read

This month I had my boyfriend pick my tbr, and I participated in a readathon where I made a tbr. I tried to complete all the books from both/as many books as I could, but this solidified the fact that I am a mood reader, and cannot stick to tbrs!

How I Resist (3.5 stars): This was an anthology, so there were definitely entries that I enjoyed more than others.

Making Up (4 stars): Really enjoyed this story, I can’t believe it took me so long to read more from this author.

The Broken Girls (3.75 stars): The premise sounded intriguing, but the story was kind of slow and the ghost aspect played a less significant part than I thought it would.

A Stolen Life (3 stars): This was a tough memoir to read because of all the things Jaycee Dugard experienced. I understand that at the time she wrote this she only had a fifth grade education, so her grammar isn’t superb, but I wish this book had been edited a little more so it wouldn’t sound too repetitive.

Asking for it (DNF): I was super excited to read this, but I hated the writing style and the characters so I put it aside so I could read other books I was more interested in.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark (4 stars): Just like everybody else, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book after the Golden State Killer was caught. I enjoyed reading McNamara’s research, and found the sections written by her husband and friends touching.

Noteworthy (4 stars): I LOVED Redgate’s Seven Ways We Lie more than this novel, but I still enjoyed this one immensely. The premise was fun and I loved all the friendships in the novel.

We’re Going to Need More Wine (5 stars): LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS. I didn’t know what to expect from this memoir, but it was SO GOOD. Union shares stories about her life, and talks about so many important topics such as rape, racism, and colorism.

Alternative Remedies for Loss (DNF): Wanted to enjoy this book because the cover is so cute, but I couldn’t get into the writing so I DNFed it.

One and Only (4 stars): I picked up this book because on twitter the author talked about how her hero makes grilled cheese. This was a fun and sweet contemporary that I really enjoyed. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Do This For Me (3 stars): The first half was great, the main character finds out her husband cheated on her so she destroys his life. It went downhill the second half when she completely changes and turns into kind of a shitty person.

Darkest Night (2.75 stars): A fun romantic suspense story. I’ll have a review of this posted closer to the release date.

The Outsider (4 stars): I was not planning on reading Stephen King’s newest book (mostly because I didn’t even know it was coming out until pub day), but I’m glad I did. The story and writing was great, and the supernatural aspects creeped up on you throughout the book. The beginning and middle was phenomenal, but the ending lacked something.


Ebookathon Wrap Up

First I’d like to say lol at me for creating a tbr and not even sticking to it. If you read my announcement and tbr post, you’ll know that the readathon technically ends at the beginning of June. Since I’ve been so busy this last weekend of June, I didn’t get any reading done and all the books I read for the readathon were finished in May.

Girls Who Travel (2 stars): The ONE book from my tbr that I actually read for the readathon. It was okay, the premise sounded fun, it’s about a girl who likes to travel and doesn’t want to settle down anywhere. Unfortunately it wasn’t executed very well. I feel like the author tried to hard on the writing, there were quotes that didn’t really fit into the context of the story, but she added them to sound quotable? I don’t know if that makes any sense, but that’s what it felt like to me. The main character was also one of those “not like other girls” which made me roll my eyes.

Pucked (3 stars): I love hockey romance and heard so many good things about Helena Hunting, and I got this book from when it was free on Amazon. Overall it was an okay book, the writing was a little meh but it was such a quick guilty pleasure read that it didn’t bother me too much.

Grumpy Fake Boyfriend (3.5 stars): I really enjoyed this book! The tropes in here are some of my FAVE: brother’s best friend and fake relationship that turns real. This was such a quick read and I didn’t find any problematic elements that tend to be pretty common in romance novels.

Victoria’s Fave Book

This book is for sure going to be one of my favorites of 2018! Like I mentioned above, Union shared essays about important topics, but did so in a way that felt natural.

Victoria’s Fave Bookstagram Picture




Goodbye, May!

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  1. You do have a lot going on and planned for the summer. Congrats on reading so many books! I love Gabrielle Union so I’m adding We’re Going to Need More Wine to my TBR now. I don’t do readathons anymore because I suffer from chronic insomnia and never know how much I can e-book read. When I brain foggy I tend to stop e-book reading and stick with audiobook reading only and catching up on social media.

    Helena Hunting is one of my absolute top favorite romance authors. You should give her Clipped Wings series a try since her rom-com writing style wasn’t as much to your liking. I personally love “no filter” humor, but I know many readers don’t. Her Clipped Wings series is an angsty new adult series and was the first of hers to make me fall in love with her writing genius.

    Good luck with your summer courses!

    • Thanks! Yass, I’m so glad you’re interested in Gabrielle Union’s memoir, it’s so, so good! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll have to check out those books! Happy June.

  2. sounds like you had a fantastic month. Congrats on finishing your first year of grad school! 😀
    I’m so glad you liked The Outsider! I’ve been considering it but it’s only in hardcover at the moment here in my place. I’m waiting for the paperback edition. But I’m so glad I’ve been seeing only great things about it especially from people I follow 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, read The Outsider!!! I hate when books only come in hardcover because I prefer paperbacks. Hopefully you can get a copy soon!

  3. Congrats on finishing your first year of grad school! That’s so exciting. I always loved taking summer classes, so I hope you enjoy yours, too! I am so, so glad to hear you read and enjoyed Noteworthy– it’s one of my forever faves. Happy reading in June, Victoria!

    • Thank you! The only thing I don’t like about summer classes is that they’re online and I prefer face-to-face, but the content is super interesting and I’m excited to learn about it. Yes, I thought of you when I saw the book in stores, and knew I had to pick it up based on how much I enjoyed her debut novel. Good luck with your June reading!

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