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Have you ever read a book, and completely fallen in love with one of the characters? You wish they were real so you could date them? Have you read about a character, and imagined how PERFECT they are for you? I sure have. Here is a list of some of my fictional boyfriends:

Adrian Ivashkov – Vampire Academy Bloodlines

I’ve been rereading Vampire Academy, and Adrian was recently introduced. I love him in this series, and I love him even more in Bloodlines. Adrian is definitely one of my book boyfriends because he’s perfect. He may come across as cocky, but he’s actually very caring. He has a cool car, he really cares about his friends, and always makes sure they’re okay. He’s also an artist, which is nice because he can paint me pictures, and we can talk about mental health together and ways to cope with depression.

Josh Templeman – The Hating Game

The Hating Game is one of my all time favorite books, I’ve already read it five times this year… One of the reasons I love it so much is because of Josh! He’s tall, introverted and everyone thinks he’s too conceited, but he’s actually just shy (like me). He’s sarcastic, which I love, and he works in publishing and likes books! How can I not choose a book boyfriend who loves books! Don’t worry bb, I don’t care that you didn’t want to be a doctor, we can eat cake together and talk about books. He’ll even have an inside scoop on what’s being published!

Richard Gansey III – The Raven Cycle

He is such a nerd and he’s obsessed with a dead Welsh king. He’ll do anything for the people he cares about, not to mention he’s sweet, and stands up for everyone. Did I mention he’s a nerd? I love love love nerds. He’s also passionate, sophisticated, and driven. He’s very confident, but not overly so. We could go hiking together, and on other fun adventures, or we could just chill and read books together.

Levi – Fangirl

Ugh Levi is kind and understanding and wonderful. He’s always there when Cath needs him. He understands her fan fiction, and encourages her to keep writing. He doesn’t judge or make fun of her for being introverted or liking fan fiction, instead he encourages her to share that part of her life with him. Levi also doesn’t judge or get upset that she wants to take things slow in their relationship. He’s so, so understanding, and so, so perfect! I identify with Cath, therefore Levi is a perfect book boyfriend for me.

Aaron Warner – Shatter Me

Initially everyone thought he was evil, but he’s not, and he’ll do anything for Juliet. I can’t really go into much detail about why I choose Warner, it’s been a while since I’ve read these books, but I remember I love him! You don’t have to be insecure with me about your scars bb. (Side note: I’m so excited to reread this again before the new book comes out next year!)


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  1. Oh man, Josh totally made The Hating Game for me so great choice there. I adored Levi too. I have to meet these other book bae’s of yours.

  2. ADRIAN!!!!! I love, love, love him. He was great in Vampire Academy, but a whole new side of him was brought out in Bloodlines. He’s one of my favorite male characters, but I will say towards the end of the Bloodlines series, I wanted to strangle him haha. I read The Hating Game this year and absolutely loved it. Both Josh and Lucy were incredible characters. Josh is amazing and I love him. End of story.

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn’s Korner

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