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I’m a huge fan of podcasts, and listen to them all the time. I shared a post over a year ago about the podcasts I was listening to, and decided to share another post about podcasts with yall because I’ve added so many more new ones to my list.

Before Breakfast – There’s a new episode of this podcast every morning, and each episode is about five minutes long. Each episode focuses on a topic related to productivity, and I’m constantly taking notes from what I hear and what I want to try and implement.

Escuela Sangre – This is a Spanish podcast with true crime stories, urban legends, and more. There hasn’t been a new episode for a few months, but I’m still working my way through their backlist.

LITerally Us – I love this podcast. It’s a bookish podcast where two friends talk about books they’re reading and loving, as well as other bookish themes, (like thoughts on illustrated covers). This is such a fun podcast, except it’s dangerous because I’m always finding new books to add to my TBR!

My Favorite Murder – I know I’m a little late to the game with this one, but I recently started listening to MFM. I’m always laughing at what these two women are saying, although I do think their thinking is too black and white at times. This is one I’m still making my way through (there’s over 100 episodes!).

Other People’s Problems – Sharing some counseling podcasts with yall because these are what I’ve been listening to a lot lately. Other People’s Problems is created by a therapist in Canada who records some of her counseling sessions (with client’s permission of course) and share them on a podcast, and breaks down why the person is in therapy as well as why she uses certain techniques.

The Addicted Mind – Another counseling related podcast. This one many different episodes about different addictions and addiction related themes. This is a relatively new podcast I’ve been listening to, but I’ve learned quite a bit from it already.

Therapy Thoughts – Tiffany Roe is one of my faves, I love all her online content and that includes this podcast. Her podcast episodes cover a variety of topics from general information about depression to different forms of wellness.

Sinisterhood – I started listening to this podcast last month, and am already completely caught up on the episodes. I love this podcast so much, and am constantly laughing out loud. The two friends who host this podcast discuss true crime, urban legends, and conspiracy theories in such a great way. I hate that I’m caught up because now I have to wait for a new episode every week.

What podcasts do you listen to?
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