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Hiiiiii, it’s been a while (again) since I’ve posted and I’m trying to be back consistently for real this time. I’ve been self-isolating for about three weeks now (!!!). When this all started I thought I’d have so much time to catch up on reading. I had all these plans about getting ahead on ARCs and reading more of my backlist. What I wasn’t planning on was low-key feeling anxious all the time because of the pandemic. I’ve been doing the bare minimum recently with pretty much everything. I recently listened to Brene Brown’s podcast episode on over/under functioning and I am definitely an under-functioned when I’m anxious. Not only did my anxiety affect how quickly I’m getting assignments done, but also how much/often I read. My reading was super slow at the beginning of the quarantine, picked up for a while and I got quite a bit of reading done, and has started to slow down a bit again. Since I haven’t done any weekly recaps recently, I thought I’d share everything I’ve read here since about the middle of March.


Unsub (3) – I heard so many good things about this book, which made me super excited to pick it up. This was a quick read, but overall I thought it was just okay. I think it was too hyped up for me and didn’t live up to my expectations.

Kissing Kendall (3) – I’m not going to write too much here since I already wrote a full review for this here. I thought this was a fun, quick read and now’s a good time to read it since it follows a group of friends on vacation, so go live vicariously through them.

Attracting Aubrey (3.5) – Again, not going to write too much here since I already wrote a review, I enjoyed this one a little more than Kissing Kendall. This was a fun read, and I liked the movie star aspect in it because it wasn’t a major plot point of the story.

Anger (4) – I read this book because I was teaching an anger management class this semester (RIP), and didn’t know much about anger before the class began. I’d been reading this book off and on, but finally finished it at the end of March. Overall I enjoyed it, I think it makes the reader think of anger in a different way. The reason this book got four stars instead of five is because there were some parts of the book that were so heteronormative which didn’t sit well with me.

The Queen of Nothing (4) – I finally did it! I finally finished this book! I’m so bad about finishing series because I’m so worried the last book will ruin my enjoyment of the series. I’m so sad I waited for this one, because this book was so good and didn’t disappoint me at all. This was also the book that got me back into reading for a hot minute.

Moody Bitches (DNF) – I wasn’t going to put this book on the list since I only read the intro and the first page, buuuuut I was so upset with this book and I need to share why. The premise of the book sounds so good, how do hormones affect women throughout their lives. I kind of got a weird feeling while reading the intro because it was all about how women don’t need medication, especially medicines for mental health stuff (ummmm no) but I thought this would be like “you don’t need meds because you can do these other things instead”, which is still not great but I’d take it. Then on the first page the author starts talking about how men and women are so different, and women naturally are more emotional than men. This is not true, I’ve read research that men and women have the same range of emotions and are emotionally the same, men are just told by society that they can’t express emotions. So with that I put the book down and picked up something different instead.

To Have and to Hoax (3) – I’m not going to write too much here since I’m posting a review for this soon, but overall I thought this was just an okay book since there were a few issues that detracted from my enjoyment.

Empowered Boundaries (4) – I highly recommend this book! I thought the author did a great job explaining what boundaries are and why they’re important. Not only was this a great overview about boundaries, but the book was so inclusive, and it shared how boundaries affect us personally and as a community.

Untamed (5) – I love this book. I thought it was so beautifully written, and have so many paragraphs underlined in my book. I haven’t read any of Glennon Doyle’s previous memoirs, but I thought she was so open and vulnerable here and I loved it. I first heard about this book from Brene Brown’s podcast (can’t you tell that I love her podcast?) when she interviewed Doyle.

Lovestruck (2) – I did not enjoy this book. I mostly stuck with it because I really wanted to know the hero’s reasoning for making fun of the heroine years ago when she wrote him a letter confessing her feelings. Unfortunately the reasoning wasn’t a great one, and I feel like I wasted my time reading this book.

You Deserve Each Other (4) – I really enjoyed this book! I don’t want to say too much because I’m also posting a review of this one soon, but just know that I stayed up until 4 am finishing this because I could not put it down.

The Lord I Left (4) – I read the first two books in this series a month or two ago and really enjoyed them. I couldn’t wait for my library to get a copy of the last book so I immediately bought it on my kindle…and then didn’t read it until now. I really enjoyed this book and it was just as great as the first two in the series.

Fresh Meet (4 ) – I binge read this book a couple days ago and really enjoyed it. At this point I was starting to feel slumpy again, and picked up a book I knew would be cute and quick to read. This is also apparently the first book in a series, and I’m excited for the next book.

Undeniable (DNF) – I tried reading this book a couple months ago after I finished and enjoyed the first book in the series, but couldn’t really get into it. I decided to pick this up the other day because I thought it would be another quick read and maybe I would enjoy it more the second time around. I read to about 30% and DNFd it because I did not like the hero at all. There was also a part where the heroine keeps telling the hero no, but he ignores her, which is not okay at all.

Insatiable (3) – After DNFing the second book in the series I decided to just skip to the third book. I don’t know if this is a series where I’m just going to enjoy the first book, because I had some problems with this one as well. The plot was great and kept me interested, but there was one part that really irked me. The hero is complaining about an ex who would feel hurt when he’d come home from work and take his frustration and anger out on her, and then praises the heroine when she lets him yell at her without getting mad or stopping him. I don’t think it’s okay to take your frustration out on someone, I know it happens, but there’s a way to handle it, and this is not that way.

Currently I’m in the middle of a couple books, but feel a slump coming on again so we’ll see when my next wrap up is!
Let me know what you’ve been reading recently!
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  1. I am glad you had a few good books in there. It seems like most were mediocre. I look forward to reading what you thought about You Deserve Each Other. I liked it!

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