Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman | Cute contemporary

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Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman | Cute contemporaryGirl Out of Water
by Laura Silverman
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Publication Date: May 1st 2017 by Sourcebooks Fire
Format: eARC
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4 Stars
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Anise Sawyer plans to spend every minute of summer with her friends: surfing, chowing down on fish tacos drizzled with wasabi balsamic vinegar, and throwing bonfires that blaze until dawn. But when a serious car wreck leaves her aunt, a single mother of three, with two broken legs, it forces Anise to say goodbye for the first time to Santa Cruz, the waves, her friends, and even a kindling romance, and fly with her dad to Nebraska for the entire summer. Living in Nebraska isn’t easy. Anise spends her days caring for her three younger cousins in the childhood home of her runaway mom, a wild figure who’s been flickering in and out of her life since birth, appearing for weeks at a time and then disappearing again for months, or even years, without a word.

Complicating matters is Lincoln, a one-armed, charismatic skater who pushes Anise to trade her surfboard for a skateboard. As Anise draws closer to Lincoln and takes on the full burden and joy of her cousins, she loses touch with her friends back home – leading her to one terrifying question: will she turn out just like her mom and spend her life leaving behind the ones she loves.

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When Anise’s dad breaks the news that they will be spending their summer in Nebraska to take care of family, she doesn’t want to go at all. Now, some may say she’s being self-centered. Her reasons for staying or purely beneficial for her alone. But the reality is, I felt for Anise. If I were in her situation, I’m pretty sure I would have acted the same. She just wants to have fun this summer with her friends and surfing, not being stuck in a place that doesn’t even have a beach. But off she goes to Nebraska and she got more than what she bargained for.

The people Anise met in Nebraska were just what she needed to help her be open-minded about things in life. Lincoln was the perfect addition to the story! I totally loved him and his quirkiness and all the cuteness he brought to the story. I will say, at times I thought Anise and Lincoln fit more as friends, but that’s just me. Anyways, Anise’s cousins were great. I loved the relationship that they got to build over the summer and how close it brought all of them. I really liked Anise’s relationship with her father. It felt so real! They don’t agree on everything, but their bond is something special and they know they can fully trust one another.

I wish there had been more time for Anise’s friends from Santa Cruz. We only got glimpses of them. And also, the ending left me hanging a little. The ending should have had more to it, for sure.

Overall, Girl Out of Water is a cute contemporary that’s perfect for a summer read! It deals with family, friends and growing up. For a debut, this is hands down a great one and I can’t wait to read more of Laura Silverman’s work.

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9 responses to “Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman | Cute contemporary

  1. This sounds like a cute book! I love the extended family bonding that is always good to read about. I am a little worried the ending wasn’t great that makes me nervous when I read a book. Great review!!

  2. Awesome review, Gen. Sounds a GREAT story. Yay, I can relate to Anise as well, especially in her age. Yep, it feels real, something any teenager would feel. Is there a romance in it? I’m curious. 😁

  3. I adored this one too! Lincoln is my favorite. I’m with you. We could have done with a bit more scenes with her friends from Cali!

  4. I just picked up a copy of this book so I’m glad to hear how much you enjoyed it. It sounds like a perfect read for this summer. Great review!

  5. You’re only a couple of years younger than me so do you remember the movie Horse Sense with the Lawrence brothers on Disney channel? I’m not sure if it aired in Puerto Rico or not but I thought I’d ask. It was about this rich, stuck up older cousin from Los Angeles who has to go live with his aunt and younger cousin on a ranch out in Montana or somewhere like that. This book sounds almost exactly like that! I hate that Anise and Lincoln had more of a friend vibe. I’m sure that changed the tone a bit for you. I’m adding this to my TBR!

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