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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Never Too Late by Micalea SmeltzerNever Too Late
by Micalea Smeltzer
Series: Willow Creek #2
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Publication Date: April 21, 2015 by Self-Published
Format: eARC
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5 Stars
Source: Give Me Books Blog

I’d never met anyone quite like Mathias Wade.
He was brooding and arrogant, but I loved him anyway.
Together we were wild and uncontained—a hurricane raging.
Then I had to leave, and words were exchanged that could never be undone.
But now I was back, and Mathias better watch out, because this bitch wasn’t finished with him.
Game. Set. Match.
All is fair in love and war, right?

Mathias Wade, the lead singer of Willow Creek, is used to getting everything he wants. Except for Remy Parker—the one that got away. Childhood friends that grew into more, Remy was the one constant in his life until she moved away. In anger, he lashed out and broke the only girl he ever loved. With temptation around every corner Mathias drowns his sorrow in women and alcohol. When the band returns to their hometown for the holidays the last thing Mathias expects is to run into Remy—but she’s back, and she’s not done with him.

Remy never forgot Mathias or the pain he caused her. When she moves back to the place she grew up to take care of her ailing grandma her heart is set on revenge. She’s determined to make Mathias fall in love with her all over again—only this time she’s going to break his heart.

But Mathias never stopped loving Remy—and she soon discovers that her feelings haven’t disappeared either.

Can two people too stubborn for their own good overcome their own demons and find the love they always deserved?

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In Never Too Late, Micalea Smeltzer introduces us to Mathias, twin brother to Maddox whom we met in Last To Know. Mathias’ past is not a pleasant one and only a few, selective people know about his past. Mathias shared all of his past with Remy, the girl he fell in love with in high school but she broke his heart when she left town. Now Mathias doesn’t trust anybody and doesn’t let people close. He is arrogant, a jerk, an asshole, but with a caring heart that not many people know about.

I was convinced that once you fell in love with a Wade you could never stop loving them.

I was HIGHLY anticipating this release…HIGHLY!!!! I signed up for an eARC and when it appeared on my Kindle app, I started screaming and messaged Jennifer from Boricuan Bookworms because we planned to buddy read it. I was expecting a lot of a moody Mathias, which I got but I also was surprised to read about a side of him that wasn’t shown in Last To Know.

Jesus Christ, that man could make me want him while sitting at a table with his fucking parents. He was dangerous to be around.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you don’t know that I have staked my claim on Mathias Wade. He is my #1 book boyfriend and he is mine! I don’t share. Okay, I do share but only with Remy and Micalea, nobody else. He is the type of male character that I love: moody, an ass, hot, has that bad boy vibe, can have you swooning by just saying “fuck”. I’m not kidding. I was swooning on 8% and fanning my face. My heart rate went up and I was taking in all of the glory that is Mathias. And this wasn’t even a sexual scene so can you imagine how hot this man is with his actions and words?! Asdfghjkl. You cannot form a coherent thought when you read about him. It’s like…instant mind-blankness. He is the total opposite to Maddox. Where Maddox is sweet and romantic, Mathias curses a lot, is a jerk to everyone and his “romantic” moments are rare but gosh, he is still perfect!!!!

“I’m the fucked up bad boy everyone wants to save,” his voice lowered, “but you wouldn’t try to save me, would you, Remy? Because you’re just like me.”

Remy is badass. I was only starting the book and I thought she would be the perfect fit for Mathias. You could just tell she wouldn’t take Mathias’ bullshit. She is a fierce, strong character. Before moving out-of-town thirteen years ago, she had a confession for Mathias but she wasn’t able to tell him and it has been eating her insides but she stays strong. Remy moves back to her childhood town to take care of her grandma who is a major piece of work and is sick. Not even a week passes by when she encounters Mathias and all of those feelings come crashing into her full force. Remy knows she shouldn’t fall for Mathias again or she will end up heart-broken.

“Don’t leave,” he called. “Why shouldn’t I?” I stopped, not looking over my shoulder at him. Instead I stared straight ahead with my shoulders squared. “It’s what we do best, right?”

The secondary characters were a great aspect to the story—they made it light. Remy’s grandma made everything fun. As I mentioned before, Remy’s grandma is a piece of work! She is amazing! She says whatever’s on her mind and she is so funny! I was laughing out loud with everything she kept saying. I couldn’t keep up with her. She was so random at times. I want a grandma like her. I will never have a dull moment in my life!

“I’m dead serious. If you see me in the backyard with a shovel don’t come out. I don’t want you to become an accessory in a murder charge.”
I stared at her, fighting the urge to laugh. “I think you’ve been watching too much CSI.”
“Oh no, I don’t like that show. I watch Criminal Minds. That Morgan…” She licked her lips. “The things I’d like to let that man do to me.”

I felt so happy while reading this book. This story is definitely hotter than Last To Know. It is hot, emotional… a story of second chances and hope! It is great story that I cannot recommend enough.

About Micalea Smeltzer

Micalea Smeltzer is a bestselling Young and New Adult author from Winchester, Virginia. She’s always working on her next book, and when she has spare time she loves to read and spend time with her family.

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    • Genesis

      Thanks, Christy! Many people love Maddox and the few that have read Never Too Late still prefer Maddox but I stay faithful to my baby. I just love Mathias type <3

  1. I just basically wanted to comment to swoon over your design. I know nothing about this book. Sorry. Anyway…. IT IS GORGEOUS!!!! I love it, like, so much, I don’t even have words! Do you absolutely love it? So, so pretty! Also, I am glad you enjoyed this book, even though I likely won’t read it, and mostly just stared at your lovely new design 😉

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      I do love it! But I got so used to using Creative Whim’s themes that I will be using the Tweak Me v2 theme with this design. I’m just waiting for the person to contact me so it can get started. But I’m so happy you like it! I cannot wait for yours!

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