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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
{Blog Tour} ARC Review: Nothing Compares To You by Tiffany Marie + Excerpt + GiveawayNothing Compares To You
by Tiffany Marie
Series: Pine Lake #2
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: May 18, 2014 by Liquid Silver Books
Format: eARC
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4.5 Stars
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He’s got a job he loves and a life with no strings attached. She’s had a life of hardship and heartbreak, and she’s determined to never face either again. Can the last thing a globetrotting photojournalist and a lonely single mother want turn out to be just what they need?

Mitch loves everything about his job as a photojournalist––the excitement, the money, the notoriety––which is why he has no plans for a lengthy stay in his childhood hometown of Pine Lake. But when he meets enigmatic single mother Natalie, he can’t help his attraction, or his overwhelming desire to pursue her.

The last few years have taught Natalie she’s stronger than she ever thought. She was strong enough to leave her abusive ex-husband, strong enough to endure a year in a women’s shelter, and strong enough to begin rebuilding her life with her young son. She’s going to make sure she’s also strong enough to avoid future heartbreak, which means not getting close to anyone––especially not someone like Mitch, who doesn’t plan on staying in town for more than a few months. Yet the more time Natalie spends with Mitch, the more her resolve crumbles.

As their tentative friendship develops into a passionate romance, both Mitch and Natalie realize they’re in deeper than they ever intended. When an exciting new job assignment sends Mitch halfway around the world, Natalie is left with the realization that she let the wrong man in once again. And Mitch realizes giving Natalie up for his career was the biggest mistake of his life—and one he might not be able to fix.



I didn’t think this book could be better than Just A Holiday Fling but I was wrong. This book took me on a roller coaster of emotions that I enjoyed from beginning to end and I wanted that roller coaster to keep on going, to never stop. That’s the best analogy I could come up with for this book.

In this second installment of the Pine Lake series, readers are introduced into the lives of Natalie, Sammy and Mitch. At the end of Just A Holiday Fling, the readers got a glimpse of these three characters.

Natalie is such a strong woman. I don’t think I would be able to deal with the stuff she dealt with. She is finally staying at a place that she can start calling home. Mitch is a famous photographer that loves to travel the world and is only visiting his mother at Pine Lake. He doesn’t want commitment. I loved Mitch since the beginning. Yes, he was a jerk at times but, once he met Natalie, he started getting attached. He showed romantic gestures towards her that had me fanning my face swooning. I found myself enjoying Mitch’s character. Not because he’s hot (okay, maybe that takes part too) but because he genuinely wanted to help Natalie in every way possible, he really cares for her and her son.

I LOVE how amazing Mitch is with Sammy, Natalie’s son. The relationship they build throughout the book is so charming and endearing. I teared up at the scene where Sammy has a nightmare and Mitch is right there for him. There is more to it but I won’t spoil it for you.

There are a lot of funny moments in this book, a lot of carefree moments between Natalie and Mitch that are so amazing. One of the funny parts I loved is between Natalie and Sammy. Mitch had wanted to take a few pictures of Natalie and Sammy. When Natalie told Sammy, he put on his nicest pants on, a t-shirt and a tie. The way he was described and his face had me laughing along with Natalie. I really love how the author always has Sammy in the book. He is always there with Natalie and with Mitch (except for the sexy scenes, of course).

The development in the story was just in the right pace for me. It wasn’t too fast and it wasn’t too slow. It was just perfect. We get to know about characters, like Mrs. Lefen, Mitch’s mom, who was introduced in the first book in the series. The story is so funny and so romantic and so sweet, it will leave your insides melting.

News for the third book: If you have read the first book and the second book, then you will know there is this lovely character named Becca. I was rooting for Becca and Dan to be together in the third book, but sadly, that is not the case. I tweeted the author and she told me there is a new guy being introduced into the series. I wonder who will it be and how Dan will react. I hope he realizes what he let go.


“I’m working on finding a guy for Natalie,” Samantha said, pointing over Mitch’s shoulder.

Mitch whipped around to see Natalie sitting––and laughing––with a good- looking guy in cowboy boots. “Lenny?” Mitch said incredulously. “That wet noodle? He’s all wrong for her.”

Before Samantha could say anything else, Mitch turned and strode down the street toward Natalie and cowboy-boot-wearing Lenny.

When he arrived, Natalie was leaning close to Lenny, listening intently to whatever he was saying. Probably wooing her with stories of his police officer heroics. Mitch snorted. He had plenty of heroic stories to tell. Better ones than Lenny’s, goddammit. If this was a dick-measuring contest, he was going to win.

“Hey, Lenny!” Mitch interrupted as he sat down at the picnic table next to Natalie. He purposefully bumped his elbow against hers as he settled in.

Rather than looking irritated at the intrusion, Lenny smiled. “Welcome back to Pine Lake. I saw the big photo spread you had in Time two months ago. Powerful stuff.”

So this was how Lenny was gonna play it, eh? Nice-guy stuff? Shit, Mitch could do that, too. “Thanks. I heard you got promoted to sheriff last year. Congrats.”

Natalie looked impressed, and Mitch regretted saying anything in the first place.

Lenny gave an embarrassed smile and waved him off. “Naw, it was nothing. My uncle recommended me for the job since he was retiring, so the council didn’t really have any other choice.”

Lenny was going to be humble, too? The bastard. “Still, you’re the youngest sheriff in Pine Lake’s history, right?”

Lenny shrugged. “Just trying to do my part to keep our little town safe.”

Fucker. Was the guy a goddamn saint? Mitch handed Natalie one of the beer bottles, while covertly shaking another one under the table, before handing it to Lenny. “Here ya go, man.” Let’s see how Mr. Nice Guy handles this one.

“Busted into MacGregor’s stash? Nice one.” Lenny twisted the top off, and a geyser of foam shot up, splashing all over the table and Lenny’s clothes.

Natalie jumped up. “Let me go get some paper towels!”

“Sorry about that, Lenny. Must’ve gotten banged around on my walk over,” Mitch said, not feeling a lick of guilt.

“No worries. It’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened to these clothes.”

Mitch wanted to throw his hands up in the air. All he wanted to do was ruffle Lenny’s feathers a little, show Natalie he wasn’t such a good guy. Instead, Mitch had only helped prove Mr. Cowboy Boots was grace under pressure.

Natalie arrived with a roll of paper towels and mopped up the picnic table while Lenny ripped off a few pieces and wiped at his clothes.

“Looks like most of it has soaked in already,” Lenny said. “I’ll go home and change.”

“You don’t have to do that. I’m sure Mitch has some clothes you could borrow.” Natalie turned expectantly toward Mitch.

Oh hell no. No way was Mr. Aw-Shucks Nice Guy getting inside his pants, even if Mitch wasn’t wearing them at the time. Thankfully, Lenny declined before Mitch had to come up with an excuse about all of his clothes being dirty.

About Tiffany Marie

Tiffany Marie grew up in Michigan and currently lives in northern Indiana with her wonderfully supportive husband, rambunctious young son, and two rescued pets. She has worked in an elementary school, a bookstore, and a winery, and now she stays home with her son and writes whenever she has a few minutes to spare. She spends her free time reading too many romance novels, drinking too much Diet Pepsi, and taking naps.

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