Review: Uncross The Stars by Janell Rhiannon

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Review: Uncross The Stars by Janell RhiannonUncross The Stars
by Janell Rhiannon
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Publication Date: December 15, 2014 Format: Paperback
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2 Stars
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Fiona Lavender is the new girl at school. She has a chip on her shoulder and a penchant for poetry. Dario Martinez is the star quarterback, and the most unattainable guy on campus. Their stars cross when they are paired to study Romeo and Juliet for a senior English project. Their attraction is fragile and undeniable. But, Dario is afraid of what love will do; and Fiona is waiting for love to claim her.

Will they uncross the stars and find the love they both need to heal their pasts?


I really thought I was going to like this book. I think the major reason why I didn’t is because it was too short. I wasn’t able to connect with the characters because I barely had time with them.

The two characters I disliked the most were Meagan and Ryan. Meagan because she went along with everything Ryan was saying and even when there were huge red flags, she never stopped to think things through. She betrayed her best friend Faith a lot of times and she didn’t even bat an eye.

Ryan, because I think that if he really wanted to destroy Dario, he would have gone only for the Football area and not his personal life with Fiona. When the book was starting and Ryan would only tease Fiona, I liked that Ryan but he really went to the dark side with all of this. He would really annoy me with his antics and just…no. He can go die.

The characters were childish for their age, which was one of the things I disliked most of the story.

The ending. Once again, I wish it would have been longer to get more background on each character and that way the reader could fully understand the ending, but I was left confused even though I think it has to do with Dario being the one everyone likes, the one that is good at everything. But still, some questions were left unanswered.

This story has potential, though. It just needs to be longer and it needs to go more deep with the characters. Everything was kind of superficial.

Even though this is my view on the book, I still believe others will enjoy it. I have seen a few good things being said about this book on Facebook by readers so, while this wasn’t my cup of tea, maybe it will be for you.

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About Janell Rhiannon

Janell has been writing since she was in grade school. In high school, her 9th grade English teacher suggested she consider a career in writing. After a decade in college and a Master's degree in history, she settled into teaching.

Writing never stopped. Stories never stopped. READING fiction never stopped. Now, she writes and publishes on-line. Invisible Wings is her first YA novel, a compilation of short stories centered on teenage life triumphs and tragedies. She believes being a teenager is difficult and wrote Invisible Wings to let teens know they aren't alone. That they matter. That even though life is rough, they can still find beauty and love.

Beside the YA stories close to her heart, she adores Mythology and Fairy tales. Anything magical and mystical. And dragons. And gargoyles.

She currently lives in CA.

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  1. YES, I'm glad you share a similar review to mine! The cover was so beautiful for this book 🙁 I'm disappointed the overall plot was not as good.. lovely review<3

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