So Thrilling: Under the Lies by Sarah E. Green

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
So Thrilling: Under the Lies by Sarah E. GreenUnder the Lies
by Sarah E. Green
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: March 21st 2019 by Self-Published
Format: eARC
Goodreads | Amazon
4 Stars
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Six years.

That’s how long I was able to stay away.

To ignore the call back home.

I could’ve stayed away longer. Could’ve stayed away forever, but I came back for someone who’s now gone.

Leaving me alone.

I thought it’d be safe. That I’d be okay back in a city that’s always felt more like my prison, but then he took notice.

Noah Kincaid.

My tormentor, my first crush. My devil.

And he’s not only after me. Something was taken from him. Something he requires my help with to get back.

Six years ago, I left this city unscathed by the man who ruled my teenage angst.

Now? I don’t think I’ll be as lucky.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

“I want to see you let go, to see what you’d be if you give into the sins you are trying to fight. Sin with me, Sayer.”

What a surprising and thrilling novel! I didn’t really have expectations for this book. I had no idea what I was diving into, but man, the head-first dive was worth it!

Does one miss the Devil after they’ve found salvation? Does one miss the darkness when they’ve stumbled into the light?

Sayer is back in her hometown. While being there, she comes face to face with her devil, Noah Kincaid. After seeing each other, they start playing this game of cat and mouse, until Sayer agrees to help Noah. She has no idea the Pandora’s box that’s going to open up from her agreeing to helping.

“I’m going to break you.”

As I said, I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was definitely not this. The writing was one thing that shocked me in a good way. It’s been a while since I’ve highlighted SO MANY QUOTES on my Kindle of just one book.

She draws me in like an open book sitting on a table, walking by I can’t help but take a peek, getting drawn in by the language of words written. Lyrical, powerful, even beautiful. Sayer’s a book I want to explore more of. To have the pages memorized beneath my hands.

I love the name Sayer! I find it unique! And I really liked Sayer as a person. She wouldn’t take Noah’s bullshit and would stand up to him no matter the circumstances, which was something that intrigued Noah a lot, since the Sayer he remembers was shy and would blush at the mere look of him. Noah would fight back just as hard and was really enthralled by this new Sayer he was getting to know. Noah is the embodiment of alpha male with his fierce protectiveness and with his what-I-say-goes-and-that’s-final attitude.

I’m scared by how much he intrigues me. I’m scared how he’s the one person I should keep my barriers up for and yet they always shudder, threatening to fall when he’s around.

The adventure that both of them go down on was so thrilling! Every scene had me glued to my kindle. I was beyond hooked. The action scenes were such a nice take and enhanced the thrill of the book. This story had like a luring call to me, like a siren luring in a man.

I need more of Noah’s friends! I need to know more of Gabe, the quiet one; Reeve, the jokester, and Thea, the friendly tech whiz. My favorite has to be Thea. She’s so friendly towards Sayer and always ready to get her out of her comfort zone.

Blood and death have marred his hands, but when they touch me, they breathe life into my body, awakening senses that had long since gone quiet. He’s the bad, the wolf I shouldn’t want, but it’s hard to remember that when he makes me feel so good. More than good. Extraordinary.

Overall, I really enjoyed the awesome ride this book took me on. There were quite a few twists and turns that had my heart racing. I was also completely here for Noah and his alpha male attitude. Most of the time, my heart was racing because of him *insert heart eyes*. I really recommend this book if you’re in the mood for something thrilling, super entertaining, sexy and with some action thrown in it.

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