Wild Aces (series) by Chanel Cleeton | Passionate, endearing, and emotional

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Wild Aces (series) by Chanel Cleeton | Passionate, endearing, and emotionalFly with Me
by Chanel Cleeton
Series: Wild Aces #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: May 3rd 2016 by Berkley Romance
Pages: 295
Format: Paperback
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3.5 Stars
Source: Publisher via Mail

U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Noah Miller—call sign Burn—loves nothing more than flying hard and fast. When he meets a gorgeous and sassy woman while partying in Las Vegas, he immediately locks on to her.

Jordan Callahan owns a thriving clothing boutique, but her love life is far less successful. Her luck changes when six feet, two inches of sexy swagger asks her to dance and turns her world upside down.

One scorching weekend becomes an undeniable chemistry that they can’t leave in Vegas. But the long distance relationship and their different lives threaten to ground their romance. And when the dangers of Noah’s job become all too real, Jordan learns being with a fighter pilot means risking it all for a shot at love…

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


I hadn’t heard of this series or author until Berkley sent me a package with the first and third book. I was so excited for it since I love novels where guys are military or related to it, in this case, Air Force.

There’s not much to say about this novel. While I did like it, it didn’t leave an impression like the other two books in the series. I was far more interested in the secondary characters than Noah and Jordan. Their relationship felt…fake to me. They were making all these decisions that weren’t believable to their romance. Plus, it was mostly all physical between them, except Noah. He’s the one that would carry most of the conversations, talking about his life in the Air Force, which I admit was great to learn about. Out of the two of them, Noah had more depth and was more developed. Now, their chemistry was something else. It was fireworks everywhere! I did like how they tried to make their long distance relationship work. And I loved how Noah was so beyond respectful not only with his friends and everybody he came across, but with Jordan as well. He was so patient with her, too.

Love was scary enough. Loving a military man was something else entirely.

The secondary characters were the best, in my opinion, and I was so glad I binged through the series because I couldn’t wait to know their stories. They were so engaging, loving, funny, and like a family. I loved how they welcomed Jordan with open arms and took her in. I loved their dynamics as coworkers and as tight friends and family.

Overall, Fly with Me is a passionate and fun story, with its very sexy scenes that will leave you wanting more. Plus, the secondary characters will have you wanting to read the rest of the series.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Wild Aces (series) by Chanel Cleeton | Passionate, endearing, and emotionalInto the Blue
by Chanel Cleeton
Series: Wild Aces #2
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: July 5th 2016 by Berkley Romance
Pages: 320
Format: eBook
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4 Stars
Source: Purchased

Eric Jansen—call sign Thor—loves nothing more than pushing his F-16 to the limit. Returning home to South Carolina after a tragic loss, he hopes to fix the mistake he made long ago, when he chose the Air Force over his fiancée.

Becca Madison isn’t quick to welcome Thor back. She can’t forget how he shattered her heart. But Thor won’t give up once he’s set his sights on what he wants—and he wants Becca.

Thor shows Becca that he’s no longer the impulsive boy he used to be, and Becca finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But will Thor be able to walk away from his dream of flying the F-16 for their love or does his heart belong to the sky?

I had to buy this second novel since I had books 1 and 3, and I have to say it’s probably my favorite of the series (although, it’s battling that first place with the third book). I love second chance romance stories and this one did not disappoint at all! I was so eager (picture me jumping up and down) to read Eric ‘Thor’ Jansen’s story. This man was engaged to Becca years ago, but when it came down to choose the military life or her, he chose the military, leaving Becca completely heartbroken. Eric has always loved flying and he thought that was all he wanted to do for life until a tragic accident and a loss causes him to rethink his life choices. This leads him to take a break from the military and go back home, to which he hasn’t been to in forever. It may also have to do with the fact that he may encounter Becca, as he did before choosing to go back home.

“How could someone feel like an old friend and a stranger at the same time? Was it my own wishful thinking imagining a connection that no longer existed, or was it possible that even with the time apart, there was still a piece of me that he held in the palm of his hand?”

Becca never forgot Eric. After ten years, Becca still hurts and when they see each other again, she’s not prepared for all those feelings to resurface along with anger. She wants him out of her life, but with him being back in their small town, she’s bound to see him all the time. She tells him to go back to where he came from and stay, but Eric isn’t going to give up so easily. He knows he wants her back. She’s the only woman he’s ever wanted and he’s ready to make things right.

Love was easy; trust was the hard part.

Into the Blue was very different to Fly with Me. In this one, the relationship progressed at a slow and believable pace that had my insides melting every time Eric and Becca would be together. Eric’s pursue of Becca was so heartwarming and so sweet. I loved that Becca didn’t just accept Eric immediately. She knew she had to guard her heart so she took things very slowly to see if she could learn to trust him again. At the same time, she helped Eric get the help he needed after the loss he suffered in the accident. They were both their for each other in so many ways. Their relationship is probably the most endearing and sweet one of the three stories. I fell hard for both of them. Their characters are so mature, loving, caring. Both are hurting for different things, but they each understand their pain.

Overall, Into the Blue is a magnificent and heartwarming second chance story that’s going on my most memorable second chance romance story list for sure.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Wild Aces (series) by Chanel Cleeton | Passionate, endearing, and emotionalOn Broken Wings
by Chanel Cleeton
Series: Wild Aces #3
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: January 3rd 2017 by Berkley Romance
Pages: 336
Format: ARC
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4 Stars
Source: Publisher via Mail

A year after losing her husband, Joker, the squadron commander of the Wild Aces, Dani Peterson gets an offer from his best friend, Alex “Easy” Rogers, to help fix up her house. Dani accepts, and their friendship grows—along with an undeniable attraction.

Racked by guilt for loving his best friend’s widow, Easy’s caught between what he wants and can’t have. Until one night everything changes, and the woman who’s always held his heart ends up in his arms. Yet as Easy leaves for his next deployment, he and Dani are torn between their feelings and their loyalty to Joker’s memory.

But when Dani discovers something that sends them both into a spin, the conflicted lovers must overcome the past to navigate a future together…

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

When I met Alex ‘Easy’ Rogers in Fly with Me, I knew his story would kill my insides. He has a reputation of being a ladies man, but he’s so very loyal. He falls for Dani, his commander’s wife. He has kept those feelings inside, but it always tortured him to see her with him. What he does is be there for her as a friend. As a result, Dani always seeks for him. When Dani’s husband and Easy’s best friend passes away, Dani is completely distraught and Easy thinks he should have died instead. It’s because of their tight friendship and Easy’s support that Dani is able to slowly move on. When they reach an uncharted territory in their friendship, Dani steps back, thinking she’s betraying her husband, and thinking Easy doesn’t really wants her.

I loved her, and loving someone was more about them than you, so it didn’t matter what I wanted.

Easy and Dani’s journey was very heartbreaking, but so beautiful. I loved how Easy was. He totally surprised me! We always see him being a ladies man so to see this whole other side of him of being sweet, tender, caring, understanding, and loyal, my heart was going in a frenzy. He was silently suffering all this time because he couldn’t have Dani and now that he can, he wishes he wasn’t alive. It was so sad! The way he would treat Dani had me swooning! He’s perfection. And Dani… Oh sweet Dani, my heart broke for her. Her loss still affects her greatly and at times, she doesn’t know how to function. Having Easy there for her was all she needed to pick herself back up. After what happens between them, she can’t believe she has feelings for her late husband’s best friend, but it makes sense to fall for someone like Easy. She knew she had found a sort of security in him.

My world had been shaken enough in the past year, and considering Easy was my rock, I couldn’t handle the possibility of losing that, too.

I wish they had spent more time as a couple. Most of the book is spent with them trying to not be together, mostly on Dani’s part, that we don’t get to see much of them once they become official. I wish we had gotten more of that because the little we got was brilliant. I loved how it all started with a tight friendship and slowly moved to form a strong bond between Alex and Dani.

Overall, On Broken Wings is an emotional and loving conclusion to this great series.



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  1. Can we just take a minute to discuss the cover of the third book. Because it seriously cracks me up. No shirt, with the sunglasses and the somewhat awkward pose. I mean, the model is pretty, but the cover is kind of silly.

    Anyway, I’m glad you overall liked this series. I’ve heard good things about it. I need to take a look at the books.

  2. I do love a good military romance although I don’t think I’ve ever read one with a character in the Air Force (it’s always Navy, Army, Marines). It seems like the first one doesn’t hold up as well as the other two but still, I like the sound of the series! I love the sound of the slow build-up in the second one – no insta-love/lust. Something that actually seems realistic. Gotta love that.

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