Swear on This Life by Renee Carlino | An Unabashed Love Fest.

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Swear on This Life by Renee Carlino | An Unabashed Love Fest.Swear on This Life
by Renée Carlino
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Publication Date: August 9th 2016 by Atria Books
Format: Paperback
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5 Stars
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From USA TODAY bestselling author Renée Carlino (Before We Were Strangers), a warm and witty novel about a struggling writer who must come to grips with her past, present, and future after she discovers that she’s the inspiration for a pseudonymously published bestselling novel.

When a bestselling debut novel from mysterious author J. Colby becomes the literary event of the year, Emiline reads it reluctantly. As an adjunct writing instructor at UC San Diego with her own stalled literary career and a bumpy long-term relationship, Emiline isn’t thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of a young and gifted writer.

Yet from the very first page, Emiline is entranced by the story of Emerson and Jackson, two childhood best friends who fall in love and dream of a better life beyond the long dirt road that winds through their impoverished town in rural Ohio.

That’s because the novel is patterned on Emiline’s own dark and desperate childhood, which means that “J. Colby” must be Jase: the best friend and first love she hasn’t seen in over a decade. Far from being flattered that he wrote the novel from her perspective, Emiline is furious that he co-opted her painful past and took some dramatic creative liberties with the ending.

The only way she can put her mind at ease is to find and confront “J. Colby,” but is she prepared to learn the truth behind the fiction?

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My entire life has been ripped apart! I am writing this review at 3am, having just spent roughly three and a half hours inhaling Renee Carlino’s Swear on This Life.

I read this book in one seating, eating the words like I was starving for weeks and it was my first meal! You know those books that you read and you so DESPERATELY want to know what comes next and how it ends, but you also want to know every single little thing because, without the details, you would be going without oxygen, and you force your eyes to stay on the current line???? That was this!!!

Every time I got pulled out of this incredible story, I kept thinking “How is there life outside of this? Why can’t this be my life?” I also kept trying to figure out how and where I was going to pour all of this overflowing emotion and am so thankful to have this lovely place and all of you lovely people!

With half of my heart and all of my soul, I want to discuss every second of this book and how it made me feel! I want to fill this page with every detail of the book and how I felt for each and everyone! With all of my head and half of my heart, I want everyone to read this book and experience it as I did which as stopped me from saying more than I am! However, if you have read it, or once you do read it, you need to contact me, and we need to chat!!!!!! 💜

I was (am) completely swept up, up, and away in this story. I’ve felt all of the feels; I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve gotten pissed… I am spent! This story reminded me of The Notebook, Elanor and Park, and Queen of Shadows, (QoS only for the carranam – AH even that is too much information for you if you haven’t read it)!

I was torn between my broken heart and my high hopes for almost the entire book and definitely did not realize that I was up as late as I am!!

All of the 🌟

Go forth and read!

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11 responses to “Swear on This Life by Renee Carlino | An Unabashed Love Fest.

    • Amanda Mitchell

      I am all backwards on my comment answering! Gah! So sorry!!!

      You and Tanya Atkinson (her comment is higher up) have both recommended Before We Were Strangers! I am so buying this book like yesterday!! LOL

    • Amanda Mitchell

      Thank you so much for reading, Shannon!
      I am so sorry it took me so long to get back to you! My laptop and I were not seeing eye-to-eye! I thought it should work and do it’s job, it thought it should throw a fit and stop turning on!
      But it’s okay, I showed it who’s boss!! (aka, I sent it back to get fixed because I am so technology stupid lol)

      I really hope you get to pick this book up!! Honestly, I would go from feeling my heart just swell with happiness one chapter, to being a blubbering mess the next! It was incredible!

  1. I loooved Swear on This Life! I read it over the summer and just fell in love with it (and it totally made my list of favorite books of 2016!). Watching as the dual stories played out was filling my heart and breaking my heart all at the same time. And I just wanted to scream at Em “finish the book!!!” on every other page. LOL I’ve read another by Carlino since this one, Before We Were Strangers, and believe it or not I loved it even more!

    • Amanda Mitchell

      Oh my gosh, Tanya, I am so bad at getting back to comments right now because I haven’t had a proper laptop for the last two weeks! But I am all fixed up now and back on the ball!

      OMG so you totally get my love for this book! The entire time I was reading it, I completely felt the breaking and filling of my heart over and over! I am so happy to hear that Before We Were Strangers is potentially even better! I will totally get a copy ASAP!

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