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August 7, 2019 | Posted by Victoria in Discussions | 7 Comments

TBR, or to be read, is an acronym most in the book community know. Setting a monthly TBR is a pretty common way to stay on top of ARCs and other books bloggers and readers want to read. There are so many reasons why people set TBRs, and there are many different things that go into setting a TBR, that I thought it would be fun to discuss the pros and cons of TBRs. Personally I make a list of books I’d like to read for the month, but I don’t think of it as a TBR. The lists I make have up to thirty books on them (which I know I won’t get through during the mont), but it’s a way for me to see what ARCs I have that are being published soon, as well as what books I have checked out from the library. I never post the list on my blog because I know that usually I’ll go in a completely different direction with my reading because I’m such a mood reader. My list is more of a guideline for reading, and a way to remind myself of books (because I have so many that I sometimes forget lol). Anyways, lets get to the pros and cons for setting TBRs:


  • It’s easy to see what books you want to read
  • It can be helpful to note your progress throughout the month
  • It’s a simple way to stay on top of ARCs and library books you have out
  • No stress, you already made the decision of what books you want to read, now all you have to do is pick the next one to get to.


  • If you’re a mood reader, you’re forced to read a book on the list you may not feel like and end up not enjoying it.
  • If you buy a new book(s) you have to wait to read it when you can fit it onto your list
  • You may feel guilty for not finishing the books on your TBR, or from straying from your TBR
  • It can be easier to fall into a reading slump if you’re reading books that you’re not enjoying
What are your thoughts on TBRs? Do you use one, if not how do you decide what to read next?

7 responses to “TBR Pros and Cons

  1. I’m always torn on TBRs. I’m a mood reader so basically the second someone (or myself) tells me I HAVE to read a certain book, I 100% do not want to read it. But then when I don’t have a TBR I just don’t even know where to begin with which books to read. Basically, I need a nice balance between the two options – more like a guide haha

    • That’s how I feel! If I feel any obligation to read a book then I usually don’t want to anymore lol. I usually make a list of books more as a reminder and sometimes read a few and then move on to other books not on the list.

  2. I do a weekly TBR, but I veer from it when necessary. For instance, if I read a really sad or heavy book, I always need to follow that up with something lighter, and if a fun, light book was not scheduled, I will pop it in there. I also will bump TBR books, when a library loan comes through. I feel guilty making other patrons wait just so I can finish my TBR. I do like it as a guide, and it helps me with planning for the blog.

    • That’s awesome, that you give yourself the freedom to stick to the TBR and veer from it! I definitely also use my list more as a guide, and a reminder of what books are coming out soon or which I’ve had on my shelf/kindle for a long time.

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