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The Blind Date Book CompanyGenres: Adult, Fantasy, New Adult, Romance, Sci-Fi, Young Adult
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Our Blind Date books are beautifully wrapped in brown paper & ribbon or other decorative items. The Book is described using just four words which are printed on the front using a Retro Dymo Embosser label maker. Each book includes a Teapigs Teabag, Lyons Coffee Bag, Galaxy Hot Chocolate or a Twinings Herbal Tea.
**We also have added the choice of a Mulled Wine Tea Bag for the Festive Period!**
Are you stuck in a reading rut? Reading the same thing over and over again? Take a leap of faith and pick a book that sparks your curiosity by the four words (or by the genre). You never know you could end up falling in love!
The Blind Date Book Company offer the perfect gift for that person that loves nothing more than to immerse themselves in a good book. Take the hassle out of choosing the ‘right’ book and surprise them with this unusual gift idea. Each book also comes with a love letter explaining the concept.
We also have gift boxes available – each one includes a mug, hot drink option, a beautiful handmade spoon bookmark and some local Handmade Shrewsbury Biscuits or a Bar of Galaxy and of course a new Blind Date Book of your choice.

This is the single greatest purchase I have made in all of 2016!

The Blind Date Book Company, owned by Katy Lowe and run out of the UK, is a book lover’s dream! The company (Katy) takes great care in selecting, wrapping, decorating, and sending every book – whether it is pre-owned ($13.69 Cnd.) or new ($17.11 Cnd.)! Regretfully, I did not take any more pictures of the wrapped book than the one you see because I was super excited and almost forgot to even take this one!

The book comes expertly wrapped in this lovingly decorated brown paper! It is so well done that my mother and I were convinced that the book was wrapped by a machine! Every edge was sealed, smooth, and straight! It was gorgeous! Attached to the book is the small brown envelope you see and a tiny clothes pin (with the heart on it). Every detail is clearly thought out and expertly executed. Including the love letter!

That’s right! Inside that adorable tiny brown envelope is a love letter from the book! How cute is that?! Now, I chose the Romance genre for my book pic, so with that in mind, this adorable letter was even better! However, no matter what genre you pick, or which four letter word hint, you will also get a love letter from your book! I thought about including a picture of my letter for you all to read, but that just doesn’t seem right – you should get to enjoy the experience as much as I did and read it on your own like a true love letter!

The last inclusion is the hot drink – Teapigs Teabag, Lyons Coffee Bag, Galaxy Hot Chocolate, Herbal Tea or Traditional Gluhwein Mulled Wine Teabag that you add to Red Wine! I chose hot chocolate, clearly, and it came with a small zip-lock bag of tiny pink and white marshmallows tied to together with matching Christmas-y string! The marshmallows really put this whole experience over the top for me! How cute, and thoughtful, and special is that?! Everything about this made me feel like someone in England has specifically done all of this glorious work just for me! Little, ol’ me over here in Canada! *swoon*

I really cannot recommend The Blind Date Book Company enough! In fact, above and beyond everything I have said – THERE IS A CHRISTMAS GIFT PACKAGE OPTION!!! *passes out from excitement*

The Christmas box includes:

  • a NEW book of your choice (via genre or four words)
  • a Christmas mug
  • a handmade bookmark crafted from a teaspoon and stamped with either “Fell Asleep Here” or “Just One More Chapter”
  • a hot drink option (see above)
  • a treat (chocolate, caramel, or biscuits)


AND it also comes as a “healthy option” which includes Teapigs Teabag, Lyons Coffee Bag, Cadburys highlights hot chocolate (38 calories), or Teapigs Lemon & Ginger herbal tea as the hot drink option, and two OH SO bars or SKINNY BAKERY items as the treat!

How amazing is that?! 
And, of course, the gift box comes magnificently wrapped and decorated!


They do (clearly) ship internationally – I am in Canada ($16.85 Cdn.), I placed my order on November 25th and I had it in hand on December 7th – but they cannot guarantee you will have it by Christmas Day!!

P.S. You can get 10% off using my special code – BLOG17 – just for you Latte Nights Readers until January 31st!! 


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    • Right?! And best of all, Katy is incredibly nice, helpful, and reliable! Just another reason to buy and support her small business!
      (Thank you so much Lisa! I am honored to be here and honored that you are a reader!!! *fangirling*)

    • Amanda Mitchell

      Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Lisa!!! I am honoured to be here and honoured that you are a reader!!!! *fangirling*

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