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Hey guys! As you all know, I held a co-blogger search in November. I honestly didn’t think so many people would apply and I was overwhelmed! Trying to decide was tough until a certain lovely lady sent an e-mail a few days before I was going to stop accepting applications. I was on vacations with my family and wasn’t planning on checking my e-mail for this, but I received this very lengthy e-mail (extremely lengthy) of someone telling me about herself and I was immediately intrigued by her so I e-mailed her. From then, I knew I wanted her to join Latte Nights Reviews.

Her name is Amanda and she’s such a lovely, sweet, at times hyper, unbelievably kind woman that I’ve grown very fond of in the little time we’ve known each other. She has a wonderful 9-month-old son named Spencer (HE’S SO CUTE!). She has been posting some of her old reviews here on the blog so you guys can check them out here.

Some of you have already welcomed her and I couldn’t be happier about it so thank you guys so much for your support <3 Without further ado, here’s Amanda!

 Thank you, Gen! That’s such a sweet intro!
That totally was a very lengthy email! I was excited and I wanted to tell her literally everything so that she would know immediately what I already knew – we would be perfect co-bloggers!
Obviously it worked! Yay!

Anyway! Hi Latte Nights Readers!!

As Genesis said, my name is Amanda! More about me: I am 27 years old (an ’80s baby), born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, oldest of four siblings, lover of coffee, and mother to one! My son, Spencer, pictured above, was born in April 2016, and is the happiest, greatest, most amazing baby ever! Also, he has clearly taken over my life, because I could not find a single recent picture of myself that did not have Spencerman in it! LOL!

Currently, I am studying online to be a nursing unit clerk in a hospital and am a stay-at-home mom. I just started this program in July 2016 and WOW let me tell you, it is like ;earning a whole other language! Crazy amounts of respect going out to those in the health care community!

Spencer and I spend our days playing, learning, and reading! We go to baby programs a couple of days per week, and spend lots of time with family! Family is so important! When Spencer naps, or is busy exploring/playing on his own, or with one of our families members, I am reading and reading and reading and reading, taking pictures of books for bookstagram, writing about books for Latte Nights, and also, reading!

I have been a complete, total, and super proud book nerd my entire life! Safely, I can say that the addiction started way back in 1998 with Harry Potter! I am a HUGE HP fan – I have five copies of the books, five copies of the movies, more art, merch, candles, Funkos, pins, bookmarks, magnets than I can possibly count, and a tattoo! The original Harry Potter series will always mean everything to me, and one day, I will write a blog post to describe and explain and share this undying, unconditional, possibly unhealthy love!

Unlike Gen, I never switched from being the kind of bibliophile who thinks of only books! Every cent I have (that isn’t ear marked for stupid responsibilities *shakes fist*) goes to books! My TBR – which is only of books I own – is over 340 books long! Let’s not even get into the total on my TB-TBR! (that’s ‘to buy to be read’ if you couldn’t guess)

My book interests are vast! I read everything from memoir to horror to graphic novels to young adult to romance (side note: this is 100% Gen’s fault! I told her the one genre I didn’t read was romance, she recommended a bunch of books, and now there is no genre I do not read lol) to history and other educational reads. Usually, I am a mood reader, and I tend to go through waves where I read one genre consistently over the others. My absolute favorite genre is “teen” – in Canada that is young adult and new adult books – because, as I have discovered throughout 2016, this “genre” actually encompasses every genre!!   I also take part in MANY bookclubs, readalongs, and challenges every month and year! You can find most of that info here and I would be thrilled to have you join me!

Lastly, I am a huge advocate for mental health awareness! I have clinical depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and a long list of acronym conditions that go along with those illnesses/disorders. I do my best to take part in activities and events that promote awareness and advocate for better mental health care throughout Canada, and when / where I can, any other country. I will definitely be sharing some stories and information here on Latte Nights in the weeks and months to come!
Side note: If you want to or need to chat with someone about anything mental health, or just whatever is going on with you, feel free to reach out to me! In this modern age of smart phones, I am always available, and you always have me to lean on! No one need do life alone!

Phew… that was a lot of information! But I think you were warned at the beginning 😉

I am so happy to be here! Thank you so much for picking me, Genesis! This has already been such an amazing experience, and we are only just getting started!!!

Latte Nights Readers:
Any questions for Amanda?
Ask + Introduce yourself in the comments below!


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32 responses to “The New Blogger!!

  1. Megan McDade

    I love your intro post! You sound like you love books so much it’s so infectious!! I love Harry Potter to one of my faves is Sirius. My favourite colour is also purple and the 11th doctor stole my heart! I love that your huge mental health advocate. More people definitely need to talk about mental health and take away the stigma. You rock. I can’t wait to see more your posts.

    Megan @ reading away the days

    • Amanda Mitchell

      Hi Megan! Thank you so much!!! This is such a sweet comment! It’s like Gen said – I can be pretty hyper, and this post showcases that, I think! Lol.
      Sirius and the 11th Doctor! Guuurrrl, you get it!!! Lol.

    • Amanda Mitchell

      Hi Grace! OMG, Rebel Mommy is one of my top three favorite blogs! So thrilled you’re a reader! Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

  2. Welcome, Amanda! So happy to have you here! We have a lot in common! Lifelong bibliophiles unite!! I also read and enjoy pretty much every genre out there, and I’m a total mood reader, too. Yay for mental health awareness! I also have GAD, social anxiety, and a minor depressive disorder, so it’s wonderful to see people bringing awareness to such an important platform. <3 I've already enjoyed reading your reviews, and I can't wait to see more of your posts! 🙂

    • Amanda Mitchell

      Hi Madalyn! Thank you so much! Yay!! I love finding other bibliophiles I have things in common with! Love your blog, by the way!
      I am so glad to have “met” you, and maybe one day we will get to collaborate on some mental health awareness initiative!

  3. The Book Disciple

    Welcome!! Its always nice to meet another person suffering with anxiety! I have OCD (obsessive type) and tend to be borderline agoraphobic because of my anxiety! I love chatting with other people who understand!

    • Amanda Mitchell

      OMG I can 100% relate to the agoraphobia! That is exactly how I am! Even since I had my son, sometimes the anxiety of a new situation (of which there are even more now that I am a new mom) is just too much and we stay home! Thankfully, I have managed to make our house as baby friendly, educational, and stimulating as possible to counter balance when those feelings over power me!
      Also, OCD (obsessive) is one of my many acronyms that go with my depression and anxiety! So I totally get it!
      I am thrilled we have now found each other!!!

      • The Book Disciple

        I could never be a mom!! One of my obsessions is waking up every 2-3 hours and checking to be sure my husband and our dogs are still breathing. I would be a total basket case with a child!! I’m so glad you have found a way to balance and adjust! Thats so important. Can’t wait to hear more from you on the blog!

        • Amanda Mitchell

          Awe hun! I’m sure if you wanted to be a mom, you could be! I never thought I could be either, but people are not joking when they say that it changes you. Over the first six months of my son’s life, it was VERY hard, but also a progressive period of change. I am 98% sure that the person I was before him and the person I am now are absolutely not the same human.

  4. Welcome Amanda! I feel you on the crazy TBR… mine is the same. But I love it. I love knowing I’m always surrounded by so many books to choose from. Like you, I am a total mood reader so Whatever I feel like reading, I know it’s probably on my shelves. Looking forward to all your future posts!

    • Amanda Mitchell

      Hi Tanya!! Thank you so much! I could not possibly be more excited to be here and am looking so forward to 2017!
      I totally understand the love of being surrounded by books! I always bring one or two with me at all times because the idea of being without a book… I shudder to think!

    • Amanda Mitchell

      Hi Alyssa! You can see some baby pictures if you go to the “Latte Girls” section!! I will definitely share more, but for now, that will have to do 😉

  5. Hi Amanda! I’m looking forward to getting to know you through this blog. You sound like a lot of fun and I’m with Alyssa Susanna…where are the baby pics?? 🙂

    • Amanda Mitchell

      Hi Rowena!! Thank you so much, I am so thrilled to be here! Check out the “Latte Girls” page for some pictures of me and the baby!

  6. Hi Amanda! Glad to meet you. I’m looking forward to connecting with you over our love of reading. As someone who also suffers from depression and anxiety (and who knows what else because I don’t trust doctors) I can relate to you on that front as well.

  7. Charlie Anderson

    Welcome, Amanda! Good to have you. I am a bit behind this week. I look forward to learning more about you. I worry about a shit ton of stuff (currently my biggest fear is my roommates somehow letting Baby out of the yard or slip out the front door and being lost to me forever). I was always a worrier as a kid. I blame it on my dad – he is like that except MUCH worse (like, no swimming because there’s lots of water and you will drown, you WILL drown!). I think I probably have agoraphobia. I have OCD-like tendencies. Very awkward in social settings.

    • Amanda Mitchell

      Hi Charlie! Thank you for reading!
      Mental health issues have been shown to have a genetic connection, as well as having been “taught” by parents and other caregivers. The research is staggering but all so new that we can barely rule anything out!
      Do you have the ability to seek mental health care? I am in Canada and despite what the world thinks is a great, “free” health care system, I do not have that ability. I hope wherever you are that the help you need or want, or even do not need or want, is available!
      I hope we can talk more through 2017!

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