Things That Make Me More Happy Than Not

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Hey guys! I was tagged by Erica @ Novel Ink to do this tag. For this tag all you have to do is answer one simple question: what makes you more happy than not?

Bookish Things

I am more happy than not when…

  • I meet book bloggers from Puerto Rico!
  • I receive an e-mail/reply from Harper Collins or Penguin Teen (I’m always so excited over this!)
  • Books are on sale!
Family Things

I am more happy than not when…

  • I have a mother-daughter day with my mom.
  • The whole family meets up on Saturdays and go out to eat together.
  • I see my mom and step-dad happy (They act like teenagers, running around the house, tickling one another. It’s entertaining.)
  • My mom sends me texts and it’s as if we were best friends with how we text.
School Things

I am more happy than not when…

  • I get a good grade! (Who doesn’t get happy over this?)
  • Professors are crazy and amazing. (In my college, a few of these exist and they are amazing people and even consider them friends.)
Friend Related Things

I am more happy than not when…

  • My friends stay over.
  • I meet book bloggers that become my best friends and we can talk about anything. (I’m talking about Christy & Erica from Novel Ink and Marianne & Jennifer from Boricuan Bookworms.)
Random Things

I am more happy than not when…

  • I go to Yogu Frutti! (I love getting the plain tart yogurt and for toppings, I get: Cheese and Guava cake, Sara Lee cake, Cheesecake [I think I love things that have “cake” in their names] and crumbled Oreo’s.)
  • I cook. I’m lazy when it comes to cooking but if I want to cook, I do it and it turns out tasting soooo good.
  • I eat food! I love food a lot. I may be skinny (which I f-ing hate) but I eat a lot! Food is life.
  • I have my stuffed animals. I really love Susie, Parker and Elphie. Susie is pretty much my pillow. She is huge and takes half of my Twin-sized bed but I don’t care.
The Happiest of Things

I am the happiest when…

  • I accomplish something.
  • I get to spend the day with my family.
  • I get to spend time with the guy I’m dating.
  • My friends say I have helped them by giving them advice.

What makes you more happy than not?

I tag:

Jennifer & Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

Lisa & Becca @ Lost In Literature

Liza @ Reading with ABC

Sophie @ Seamless Reader

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