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Welp, another round of Tome Topple is over, and I’m excited about how much I read these last two weeks! I’ve participated in the last three rounds of Tome Topple, and each round has been drastically differentl. Last round I only read half a tome (oops),  and the one before I finished three books.


The Fifth Season – This was the first tome I finished for the readathon. I’m so glad I FINALLY read this book, it was PHENOMENAL. I’ve owned this book for a while, but haven’t read it because I was so intimidated by it. I tried starting it a few months ago but couldn’t get into the book as quickly as I wanted to. Honestly, the fact that I read the first 80 pages a while back really helped me get into the book this time. Since I knew what was going to happen, it was easier to get into the groove of reading this second time around. As soon as I finished this book, I ordered the second in the series and am going to read it soon!

11/22/63 – This is the tome I read half of last round. My plan was to finally finish this tome. I really enjoyed the book when I started it, but it was difficult to take this book with me when I went out because it’s massive. I’m so glad I finally finished it because it was SO GOOD and it crushed me just like I knew it would.

A Conjuring of Light – I started this book at the beginning of the year, but put it down because I wasn’t in the mood to read a fantasy novel. I was going to pick this up and pick up where I left off for this round of Tome Topple, but I ended up starting the novel over again because I couldn’t remember much of what happened. I didn’t get to finish the tome for this round of the readathon, but I did get 80 pages into the novel.

Over the past two weeks I read two books and 959 pages!

If you participated let me know how this round went for you!
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    • Thanks! I usually don’t pay attention to how big books are if they’re something I want to read, but they can be daunting, and having a challenge like this definitely helps me tackle them!

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