Top 5 Wednesday | Book Trends You’re Tired Of.

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Top 5 Wednesday | #T5W is a meme on Goodreads by Sam from ThoughtsOnThomes.

This week’s topic: Top Five Book Trends You’re Tired Of.

Amanda’s Picks

  1. Love Triangles!
    That’s right! I am so sick of reading about a girl torn between two guys! Every single YA book that I have read lately has included some form of a love triangle like that, and I am DONE!
  2. “Bad Boys” Who Aren’t Bad!
    Can we not just have a bad boy who is just a bad boy?! Thank goodness for #thegrishareadalong, because the Darkling is actually just bad!! I mean COME ON; the bad boy who is actually a sweetheart with good intentions is NOT a thing!!
  3. Plain Jane Gets the Hot Guy
    Yeah, that’s right, I’m going there!! I just do not want to read another story arc about how So-and-so girl-next-door in the cardigan turned out to be the love of the sexy guy’s life. Take your false hope, and all the credit you’re giving hot guy to actually SEE plain girl, and stick it!
  4. Retellings in YA
    Yup! That’s right! I said THAT too!! I’m over it! I love retellings, I really do, but just because Disney is redoing some movies as live-action, does not mean we need every new bloody book to also be a redo!! Has no one but me ever heard the phrase “too much of a good thing”?!
  5. Mental Health
    WAIT!! Before you jump down my throat for being an asshat – you need to know two things! First, I have a range of mental health issues that I am still trying to puzzle out; Second, I am all for awareness and discussion of mental health!!
    My issue is that it feels like authors are using mental health as a way to sell books because of this huge focus on it and diversity!!
    At what point do we get to say enough is enough? I am at that point – but that is just me!
    I speak only for myself here and I have yet to read a single book with an character who has mental health issues that was even a little like me!! Plus! I want to read to escape my reality, not to be reminded of it!
Latte Nights Readers:
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15 responses to “Top 5 Wednesday | Book Trends You’re Tired Of.

  1. For some reason, I thought this said “Books You’re Tired Of” (I had just woken up when I read it LOL). I actually like the bad boy is a sweetheart but I do agree that I need more bad boys just being bad boys!

  2. Totally agree with the love triangles! They have never been a favorite of mine though, so I guess that hasn’t changed. lol! I think I’m starting to get burned out on some retellings, but that could just be because I read a Beauty and the Beast retelling that included a very descriptive and detailed rape scene….like, why??? So I think I may try to take some space from them for a while. I enjoy the mental health ones, but only if they do it right. Basically, I hate when the person with mental health issue is magically better when they meet their significant other. It doesn’t work like that. Sorry, haha those are my pet peeves I guess.

  3. I’m over the love triangles and the plain jane’s getting the hot guy. How about the nerd boy gets the popular girl or a popular girl who is normal and awesome? The bad boys who aren’t bad need to go away too. Ugh.

  4. I am SO over retellings. Tbh, I never liked them a ton to begin with. Now, if they are LOOSE retellings, I am good. But the ones that are so close to the actual story I wonder why I didn’t just read the first thing? Yeah, OVER. IT. As for mental health, I LOVE it… when it is done well. The thing I have seen lately is a lot of really… not great portrayals of MH, and THAT is something that I can totally live without. Because frankly, it’s irresponsible, especially when writing for young people. And is it bad that I am just over ALL bad boys- good bad AND bad bad?

  5. I know what you mean about mental health – its everywhere and so much of it isn’t that well written at all. I’m also totally over the love-triangle craze – why? Why do authors keep doing it?!

  6. I absolutely hate love triangles, nothing makes me jump out of my skin more. I also dislike bad boys who arent bad, and plane janes and sexy guys, you are right – shit like that barely if it even does happen in RL. I am also a bit tired of all the gorgeous sexy people in books that are size 0 and have men troubles, like really.. I don’t mind retellings or mental health books – mostly because I can relate and I am okay with spreading some form of awareness when I know people don’t understand. I am especially okay with it if the author who writes it speaks from the heart and has the issue because I think than it becomes more real. Oh and I am done with bad parents in YA, f-hate that, its bad enough teenage years are hard to deal with, why does it have to be in books?

  7. Raven Avery

    I totally agree with you on a few of these, I’m still kind of enjoying some retellings, as long as its not too strictly followed, I like it when a bit of extra imagination has gone in there 🙂

  8. You do have a good list here. I just read adult romance, so most of the love triangles are different. And thankfully they aren’t super common. Its one of the reasons I avoid YA, it seems like so many have it and the way they are written just drives me crazy. I do love those bad bad boys, I don’t mind bad good guys either, but sometimes it nice to have a hero that is more anti hero.

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