Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Polarizing Books

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Top 5 Wednesday | #T5W is a meme on Goodreads by Sam from ThoughtsOnThomes.

This week’s topic: Top Five Polarizing Books 

Amanda’s Picks

  1. The ACOTAR series
    A lot of people seem to either love this book to the point of obsession, or absolutely hate of being a sexist, trash novel advertised for children (I am paraphrasing from my experience)
  2. The Fifty Shades of Grey series
    Again, this book is definitely one that I have seen some series polar opinions bordering on obsession and ready to burn it for heat
  3. Anything by Dean Koontz, Stephen King, or Nicholas Sparks
    It really seems to me that when any of these three authors come up, people stand on opposite ends of the spectrum, though admittedly, that is usually because the stories these three weave usually only appeal to those people who already read their respective genres.
  4. Biographies and Autobiographies
    I love reading Autobiographies, but I hate Biographies. My son’s dad is the opposite, and a lot of people we know either hate or love both
  5. The entire Young Adult genre
    I have found there is a huge misconception around this genre that I love so much! I mean for one thing, it isn’t even a genre really. Young Adult means that the characters are teenagers or are in their twenties, and within this classification is every genre from horror to romance. They are not books written to be read only by young adults. In fact, some of the books (ACOTAR, anyone?) probably shouldn’t be read by the average teenager.
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