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As you guys may have noticed from my many library hauls, I have a problem with checking out too many books at a time! As I’m writing, I have thirteen books checked out (and that’s not counting ebooks or audiobooks). I really want to read all the books I have out, obviously, that’s why I checked them out in the first place, but I get so overwhelmed seeing the huge stack of library books. I decided that since I currently have so many out and seeing them all is not making me happy, I’m going to do something similar to the try a chapter tag, except if I’m not feeling the first chapter I’m turning the book back in.

Rising Strong

I picked this up for a buddy read on Instagram. I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy the book, but I might as well try and read the first chapter and see if I even want to participate in a buddy read during this busy month.

My reaction: I really wanted to keep reading this book. The first chapter, really the prologue, was v good just like I thought it would be. This is definitely a book I’m going to have to get my own copy of soon (maybe one I’ll have to get myself for Easter)! Really excited to keep reading this and learn more about vulnerability!





Lady of Ch’iao Kuo

NYC Book Girl is doing a reread of this series. I read Cleopatra last month, and enjoyed rereading an old favorite, I didn’t read this one when I was younger, but I’m excited to see if I enjoy it.

My reaction: I almost decided to keep this one. I read the first “diary entry” since there are no chapters. I”m curious to know what happens, but I have so many other books on my tbr that this isn’t a huge priority right now.





Britney Spears is a Three Headed Alien

A coworker found this book, read it recently and then checked it out for me to read. I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy this because my coworker already read some of the funny parts to me.

My reaction: The first chapter was funny, and definitely something I would have jumped to read when I was younger, but right now I don’t think I want to read this book. I might pick it up in the future, but as you can tell I have a ton of books I want to read and this is not one I’m super hyped about.




The Source of Self Regard

I really want to read this, and have heard amazing things about it, but I still haven’t picked it up and don’t want to keep it too long because I know there are already quite a few holds on it.

My reaction: So I’ve read a few of the essays last week when I first picked up the book, and decided to read them slowly instead of one at a time. I read another essay today, and while it was great, I’m not in the mood to read an essay collection right now. I have to turn this book in soon anyways, and I don’t want to try and speed through it when I’m not super feeling it.





I read a book by Oliver Sacks in a neuroscience class a few years ago and thought I would enjoy this one as well. I previously read The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat. Super interesting, and really fun to read about what’s changed in medical research from when the book was written to more current times.

My reaction: Chapter one in this book was long, but fascinating. I am definitely keeping this book and reading the rest of it real soon. I like that each chapter is about a certain disorder. It’ll make it easier to read one or two chapters at a time.





Beyond Belief

I’m super into reading and learning about cults, and am interested because it’s by the head of Scientology’s niece. I’ve watched a documentary or two about Scientology, but I haven’t read a book, so hopefully this is one I’ll want to continue.

My reaction: After reading one chapter I did not want to put this down! This is definitely a book I’m not going to return yet and read really soon. Even though the first chapter was pretty short, it had a lot of information and foreshadowing that makes me want to keep reading.





The Gilded Wolves

I’ve heard so much about this YA novel. A little worried that it’s part of a series and I’ll have to wait a long time for the next book.

My reaction: The plot for this sounds super intriguing, but I’m not really feeling it at the moment. I have so many books I want to read, and even though I do want to read this, it’s further down on the list than some of the other books. I’m definitely going to pick up a copy of this at some point!





A Duke By Default

I enjoyed the first book in the series when I picked it up last year, but didn’t get to book two as soon as it was published. I have an ARC of book three, so I’m pretty sure I’ll want to keep reading this.

My reaction: Another book I didn’t want to put down after the first chapter! I don’t remember much about Portia from the first book in the series since I read it a while go, but I’m excited to read her story and see her growth. I’m excited that the book is set in Scotland, it’ll be so much fun to read!






I picked this up for Jenna, Stop Reading‘s true crime book club. I’m excited to participate, but wary about this book. It might be too difficult for me to read. I don’t have a difficult time reading about serial killers or murders, but school shooting are v tough for me to read.


My reaction: The first chapter was super short and about a few days before the Columbine shooting, so it wasn’t hard to read. I know this book is going to be difficult to read, and something I can only do a chapter or two at a time, but I think I’m going to try and read it for #murdermondaybookclub.



The Haunting of Hill House

I read We Have Always Lived in the Castle a couple years ago and really loved the atmosphere of the novel, and knew I wanted to read more Shirley Jackson. I heard so many great things about this novel, plus there’s the new Netflix series which I want to watch at some point.

My reaction: I really want to read this book, but I’m not feeling it right now. I’m going to return this, and going to check it out again during October when I’m more likely to be in the mood to read a ~spooky book.





Ruin and Rising

I’m trying to finish this series before I start Six of Crows. I didn’t really enjoy the first two books, so this is my last chance to see if I want to read this book or give up and just pick up the duology.

My reaction: Meh, not really feeling like reading this book. I’m going to return this, and try to check out the audiobook and consume the story that way. I know I don’t have to read this trilogy before the duology, but I’ve heard that it’s easier to understand if this is read first. If I can’t get into the audiobook then it’s no big deal and I’ll just start Six of Crows.




Pensar Bien, Sentirse Bien

I picked this up to help brush up on my clinical Spanish skills. Hopefully it’s an easy and interesting read.

My reaction: I didn’t read the first chapter, but I read the introduction and decided that I’m going to continue reading this soon. It sounds like the book is going to have a lot of good information, and it will help me brush up on some clinical terms that I may need in the future.





Pet Sematary

We got new copies in of this book because of the new movie. I haven’t read this King book before, but I love SK, and pretty sure I’ll enjoy this.

My reaction: I love Stephen King and I want to read everything he writes, but again I’m not feeling this book right now. I think this is a book I’ll try to pick up closer to Halloween. I might make a whole month of reading horror novels like I did last year. Chapter one was very short, but the introduction by King made me intrigued since he based parts of the story on his own family.

So excited I did this! I feel so much better about the number of books I have out now, and don’t feel as overwhelmed at deciding what to pick up next!
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  1. Hallucinations and Beyond Belief sound really interesting! I read Pet Semetary Ruin and Rising, and The Haunting of Hill House. They are books you need to be in the mood for to fully enjoy. When you do get to them I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

    • I just finished Beyond Belief and it was very good, definitely not what I was expecting! I’m in the middle of Hallucinations now, and I think it’s really fascinating. I do want to read the two horror books, but I know I’ll enjoy them more if I wait and read them when I’m feeling like reading horror novels.

    • Thanks! I get so overwhelmed with how many books I have out that the only way I can actually get reading done without feeling guilty is if I return books I know I’m not going to read. I’m so excited to read her book! I enjoyed the first one and can’t wait to continue on with the series!

  2. This is such a good idea! Especially as I’m always getting more books and then doubting which one I would want to start… This might just be the way to fix that!

    • Yay, I hope it helps you as much as it helped me! I felt so overwhelmed before doing this because of how many books I had out. After realistically seeing which ones I wouldn’t read, the number went down and I don’t feel overwhelmed with where to start.

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