Weekly Latte Rewind ~ 1.7.2017 | Fried Cheesecake + A Dead Computer.

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Weekly Latte Rewind is a weekly feature where we will recap posts, books read, books we received and other bookish stuff. We’ve linked to Stacking the Shelves hosted by  Tynga’s Reviews and The Sunday Post hosted by  Caffeinated Book Reviewer.



  • So, I started off the new year without my alarm going off. Great start, right? I was going to go to my BF’s house so I had to wake up early. I ended up getting ready in less than 30 minutes (this includes showering, getting dressed, put on makeup, fix the bed, finish packing). Once I arrived at my BF’s house, everything was great. We went out to eat two times while I was over there, played lots of games, and had a fantastic time. This is probably the best time I’ve ever had with my BF and his family <3 Oh and we had Fried Cheesecake!



for review


Super beyond excited for these two novels!!! *squeals*


I’ve seen lots of praises for this book and it was on sale so I had to get it 😀



I LOVED The Girl Before! (Read my 5 stars review). Best read to start off 2017.
Lucian Divine wasn’t good at all. Well, it started off great and along the way, I was cringing so much! It was a trainwreck.



It’s taking me forever to get through this novel :/






  • What a week! If this week was indicative of the whole of 2017, than I would like to say sorry to the entire world, I will be last minute or late for EVERYTHING! Lol. This week was ridiculous! My computer died… I watched it die and I could do nothing. Stupid thing was only six months old. SIX MONTHS! My laptop is younger than my son! And it just was like “Hey, look, my owner has tons of stuff to do – FAGETABOUTIT!” (Yes, I give inanimate objects opinions; yes, those opinions are usually of a snarky Italian nature)
    In better news –
    Spencer turned nine months old on Thursday! Wooo! Went for his checkup and he is all good! 2 ft, 6 in tall and 21.9 pounds!! Little fatty!! Spencer’s dad moved into a gorgeous new apartment near Spencer and I, which is awesome because now we get to see him more! And I finally got my online classes sorted out and begin class on Tuesday!


for review

It has been a good week for ARCs!! *giddy squealing and clapping*


I cannot show you a picture of the books on my “bought” list… Because there are too many!

This week – WEEK only – I got 25 books.

My name is Amanda, and I’m a bookaholic!



Shadow and Bone is amazing!!! ….after chapter 15. Ugh.
Green Arrow and Superman – volume one of each – are ARCs for a review coming this week!
Lucian Divive is trash. Total garbage. DNF. WTF.


Do not let this fool you… I have been “reading” My Lady Jane on Audible for like a month, and I have been 34% through Heartless for basically the same length of time.

Holidays really get to me, eh?!







51 responses to “Weekly Latte Rewind ~ 1.7.2017 | Fried Cheesecake + A Dead Computer.

  1. So, I totally get what you guys are saying about Lucian Divive. I read it and liked it at first then it just got long and drawn out. I ended up giving it 4 stars. But it’s been weighing on me. I think I’m gonna drop it to a 3-star. I think I was feeling emotional when I originally rated it.

  2. Fried cheesecake?! Um, yes please! Gen, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on RoseBlood– it wasn’t my favorite. Amanda, I’m so glad you liked Shadow & Bone! Also, Spencer is too precious. You guys both have wonderful hauls this week! Happy reading this upcoming week, ladies! <3

  3. Oh Gen! You didn’t enjoy Lucian Divine? Oh now I almost want to cry… You have some great books to make up for it this week, though! I want to get my hands on Long Way Home, too 🙂 Your boyfriend always sounds like the best – and I’m glad you guys had a great time!
    Your little Spencer is so cute, Amanda! And babies are supposed to be on the heavy side, that way, if they ever get sick – even a little bit – their mom doesn’t have to worry too much about them 😉 You got a nice haul, too!
    Have a wonderful weekend, ladies, and happy reading!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  4. Grace Fonseca

    Awesome haul of books this week. I hope you love all of your new books this week.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  5. Gen, I am impressed that you could get yourself ready in 30 minutes! Sometimes that’s how long it takes me to get out of bed, particularly on a holiday!).

    Amanda, Spencer looks adorable!!! I loved the Grisha series, and Shadow and Bone, too.

    I hope you both have a wonderful New Year.

  6. Megan McDade

    Gen fried cheesecake I need!!! Amanda your little one is beautiful, he’s super cute. 25 books!! Well I had 12 and some where for review but I thought that was loads LOL. Your instagram feed is beautiful, now we following!

    Megan @ reading away the days

  7. Fried cheesecake? I’ve never heard about it. Is it as good as normal cheesecake? Sounds like you’ve had a great time Gen.

    Spencer looks adorable Amanda. Good luck with your classes this week!

    Have a great week ladies and happy reading!

  8. You two just broke my heart with Lucian Divine. I was so looking forward to it but now happy I didn’t get it for review. That fried cheesecake sounds awesome and that picture is adorable Amanda! Enjoy your new books and have a great week ladies!

  9. Ah, The Girl Before sounds like something I would like! I’ve never even heard of Lucian Divine, but i am curious and why it was so bad!

    Have a great week!

  10. The Book Disciple

    Oh I have been hearing really bad things about Lucian Divine! I have never read a Renee Carlino book before, but I was surprised to see how many people just did NOT care for that book at all! Sorry it didn’t work for you guys! i hate DNF-ing a book. There are too many books out there to have time wasted on bad books. Hopefully you both have great weeks!

  11. Oh no, Gen, are you not liking RoseBlood? That’s one of my most anticipated releases this year! Also, I really need to start reading Katie McGarry’s Thunder Road series (I think that’s what it is called??). I adore her, and I can’t believe I haven’t read any of those books.

    And Amanda, sorry to hear about your laptop. I think I’d have a nervous breakdown if my computer decided to do that. Also, are you not loving Heartless or My Lady Jane? I read both of those recently and absolutely adored them both! I hope once you continue them you really love them too.

    I hope you both have a wonderful week.
    My Sunday Post!

  12. Fried cheesecake! I love cheesecake but I’ve not had fried cheesecake. 😉 Have you tried fried oreos, or fried Twix? Once a year, at my university, we have a spring festival and those are available. Once a year, I let myself indulge in those high-calorie, high-sugar sweets. They are so good!

    I really hope you end up liking RoseBlood! I adored it, but more so towards the three-fourths point and after. It’s really great!

    Amanda – YAY BABY PICTURES! Hehe. I don’t know why but I really like baby pictures. Babies make me happy! Happy nine months to him AND you. =) I liked My Lady Jane and Heartless a lot! Both are very different but very good in their own regard. Hopefully you can get your laptop fixed ASAP! Do you have it under warranty? Hoping for the best!

    Have a wonderful week, ladies! =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • YOU NEEEEEEED TO HAVE FRIED CHEESECAKE!! It’s even better than regular cheesecake!! Oooh and with ice cream!! It’s the best way to have it. *gasps* Fried oreos and fried twix?! I have not heard of that in my life! I need to try that for sure.
      Dear goodness, I hope it gets good soon.

  13. Gen, fried cheesecake? I love cheesecake but am not too sure about that one.

    And Amanda, sorry to hear about your laptop. Mine’s pretty old – as is my desktop – and I’m really nervous about either dying!

  14. Gen – yay for a really fantastic trip with your bf. Sounds amazing! And what is this thing called fried cheesecake? I 💖 cheesecake and I also really like fried food, so why have I never heard of this before??

    Hi Amanda! I haven’t been around since you officially joined Latte nights but I’m looking forward to seeing more of you! I love the pic of your little guy – he’s adorable! Happy 9 months! Also wishing you the best with the laptop – I hope it’s something that can be fixed easily!

    Have a great week ladies!

  15. Charlie Anderson

    I did not learn the love of cheesecake until college (thanks, Mom). It is delicious. I am from the South and we believe in frying everything – and while I don’t eat everything that is fried – fried cheesecake sounds even more delish. The crunch and the creamy – yum!

    Amanda, so sorry about your laptop! I know the very feeling. Since 18, I have been through several. About this time last year I watched mine die. It’s awful and should never happen – especially at only six months! I will say I learned my lesson after the first death and will no longer buy HP.

  16. That fried cheesecake looks amazing! I am not hungry!! Great book haul this week!

    Amanda congrats on your son turning 9 months! The laptop dying sounds awful hopefully they can fix it!! Great book haul!!!

  17. That cheese cake looks yummy, Gen! That’s a shame about Lucian Devine, I couldn’t get into her last novel either. The Girl Before looks good. And great haul, Amanda. I hope you enjoy Coming Up For Air, it was a really enjoyable read. 😊

  18. LostinLit Becca

    I cannot wait to read Long Way Home! I didn’t get a copy 🙁 That fried cheesecake looks amazing!

  19. Holy cow, Amanda! You are a serious bookaholic! I’m glad that I saw this post because I almost pre-ordered Lucian Divine and I don’t even remember why. Also? You take great pictures just like Gen!

    Have a great week ladies!

  20. Fried cheesecake… I am swooning. I was at a restaurant over the weekend and they had cheesecake lumpia on the menu. I was practically drooling but was too full for dessert. Next time for sure!
    I’m reading McGarry’s Long Way Home right now and loving it. She’s my go-to author for YA contemporary and I love getting back into the Reign of Terror MC world. I am so crushed to hear that you both disliked Lucian Divine! I have been so excited for that one and actually my copy should be waiting for me when I get home tonight. I sure I hope I like it better. *eek!*
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

  21. I have like 5 alarms to wake up in the morning.
    I have a special connection with cheesecake. We have an understanding: I know its not god for me but I still eat it and we both pretend it never happened. Kind of like a bad hookup 😉
    I sadly thing that Carlino’s books are…not good. Or at least I absolutely hate her heroines so I’m a little bit…happy (?) to see both of you didn’t like this one. Jeez, that sounds awful but oh well.

    Nereyda│ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist

    • 5 ALARMS!! Well, I can’t yell because I have one but I hit that snooze button like nobody’s business LOL If you’ve never eaten fried cheesecake, YOU MUST!!!!
      I’ve read 4 books by Renee (counting LD) and two of them were hit, while the other two were total miss, and same thing as you re: I had a problem with the heroines and couldn’t stand them.

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