Weekly Latte Rewind ~ 2.4.2017 | G & A’s Big Changes + Decisions.

February 4, 2017 | Posted by Genesis & Amanda in Stacking The Shelves, Weekly Latte Rewind | 47 Comments

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Weekly Latte Rewind is a weekly feature where we will recap posts, books read, books we received and other bookish stuff. We’ve linked to Stacking the Shelves hosted by  Tynga’s Reviews and The Sunday Post hosted by  Caffeinated Book Reviewer.



  • On Sunday, my church had an activity for the women and it was like a spa type of thing and we got facials and hand massages! We also got a homemade facial scrub, which smells so good and I can’t wait to make my own. We really had a great time 🙂
  • I bought a shirt and jeggings this week! I haven’t bought myself clothes in so long so I’m very happy about this.
  • I’ve been going out so much this week. It’s why I have been so MIA. I literally get home after midnight, just hanging out with friends 😀
  • I’ve been going through some… Life stuff. I need to make certain decisions that make me nervous but I know I need to make. Whenever I make the decision, I will let you all know, so no worries on that 🙂 It’s another reason why this month of January I was barely around the blog and barely read.
  • On a good note! I got a call from this non-profit organization that is funded by the government that helps people with a degree find a job. They find job openings and send my resume and I have more chances of getting the job. Also, this includes taking some college courses to help me even more so I’ll be starting a Software Development course this Monday! I’m super excited about this!!



for review

Nothing!!! To be honest, I haven’t really been checking Netgalley or Edelweiss lately.



I was actually hoping to love Anything You Can Do, but I only liked it. Long Way Home was really good! (Click cover for review). Body of the Crime was SO MUCH BETTER than the first book (which was already great)!!



Seriously LOVING this Romantic Suspense!





I went back to work this week!
For the first time since August 2015 – eighteen months!

I’ve worked as a nanny for about ten years, so after being home with my kiddo (who will be ten months old on the 5th of Feb), I figured why not see if there is a family out there who needs a nanny and will allow me to bring Spencer? And I found that family!! Yay!!

Four days per week, Spencer and I go and spend the day with a two-year-old girl, and a six-month-old baby boy! I know it sounds insane, but I promise you, it is not as hard as it sounds! I’ve actually read A LOT this week!


for review

Guys, my TBR for review pile is INSANE – I’m definitely going to need to buckle down!


Most of these are from book boxes (including one I am missing – How To Think Like Sherlock)!!! Including eBook inBox – which is only $10 and includes four or five ebooks, and a bunch of goodies (this month was a printable bookish art print, and a coloring page). Technically, I only bought one – The Scorpio Races – off of a friend, for the cost of shipping… STOP JUDGING ME! Lol.


The Mime Order + Siege and Storm are ones that I finished – did you join #thegrishareadalong?!
Spelled + Wanted are from last week, but I didn’t do this last weekend… so I’m taking credit now! Lol.
Trevor Noah + Everything, Everything I started and finished in my first week of work (aka three days)!








47 responses to “Weekly Latte Rewind ~ 2.4.2017 | G & A’s Big Changes + Decisions.

  1. That’s awesome that you’ll be heading back to school! I wish you all the best. I’m glad you liked Long Way Down. I’m excited to read it.
    Happy reading and have a great week ahead.

  2. Charlie Anderson

    Gen – what a busy week and month you’ve had! And congrats on getting partnered up with that group – and new classes to help you diversify your skill set!

    Amanda – congrats on your new job! I was a nanny after I graduated college. In December there are no teaching jobs, and if there are…you probably don’t want them! lol It wasn’t full-time, so I also subbed in local schools also. I loved my nanny days, and my baby! His mom was great, and we share the same birthday. I still get to see him grow up on Facebook and hear about his stories and antics. It’s nice. I hope you get a lot more reading done!

  3. Jo @ BLBookReviews

    Wow, you must have some seriously good multi-tasking skills – happy reading in amongst all that!

  4. Glad to hear you’re having a good time with friends, Gen. And I’m sure you’ll make the best decision.

    Oh man, Amanda, 3 kids under 3. How fun! lol. That’s cool that you were able to connect with that family, though. Sounds perfect.

    Have a great week, ladies!

  5. Sounds like you had a great week, Gen! And hanging out with friends is important, too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the non-profit organisation will help you land a job soon. And that your college course starting tomorrow will be both fun and instructive!
    Amanda, all the books! You did well 🙂
    Have a wonderful week ahead, ladies, and happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    • Amanda Mitchell

      Honestly, I didn’t like them at all! I was supposed to write a review for Wanted because I got it as an ARC, but I couldn’t even finish it!

  6. Gen-that sounds like an awesome opportunity to find a job and get more education! Congrats!
    Amanda-I used to nanny in the summers during college and I loved it. Now as a teacher, handling 3 kids would be a piece of cake!
    Hope you both have an awesome week!
    My Sunday Post

  7. Amanda – Havoc was AWESOME. I read it last week.
    Gen – I’m worried that you didn’t like Anything You Can Do. I bought this one, and I’m very very stingy about what I spend my book money on. Lol mostly because I have two kids (and one on the way any day now) and I just don’t have book money…like ever!

  8. Sounds like you both are doing great! Hope you’ll find a new job soon, then Gen 🙂 And I hope you’ll enjoy beeing a nanny again, too Amanda 😀

    And you both got great new books! Hope you’ll enjoy them all :)) Happy Reading!

  9. Gen good luck on making your life decisions. Also, good luck on the job hunt!! I haven’t heard of Body of the Crime, but it looks good I need to add it to my TBR list.

    Amanda that is exciting to be back at work and on top of it you get to bring Spencer that is amazing!!! I loved Everything, Everything I hope you enjoyed that one.

  10. omg that church event sounds like it was so relaxing! Best of luck with your job openings! You’ve still done pretty well with the reading and bookstagramming! Have a great week Gen.

    Wow, congrats on going back to work Amanda! What a fabulous book haul!

  11. LostinLit Becca

    I wish you all the best with your job hunting! I have been looking for work too so I know how you feel! You will get everything figured out!

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