Weekly Latte Rewind ~ 5.13.17 | Wedding + Magic Kingdom

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Weekly Latte Rewind is a weekly feature where we will recap posts, books read, books we received and other bookish stuff. We’ve linked to Stacking the Shelves hosted by  Tynga’s Reviews and The Sunday Post hosted by  Caffeinated Book Reviewer.



Week of April 23 – April 30 

  • I’ve been wanting a date with my BF in Old San Juan and we finally got it! We walked so damn much! My legs and feet were screaming in pain but it was worth it. We got Piraguas (shaved ice and covered with fruit flavored syrup) and Ben & Jerry’s! For dinner, we went to Cheesecake Factory and got so freaking full. In San Juan, I got a picture with the flag, and where my BF lives, there’s another flag so I took advantage of that for the #78Pueblos1Bandera.

  • I traveled to Orlando, FL with my BF’s family for his cousin’s wedding! We went to the Magic Kingdom and my BF got me the Minnie Mouse ears!! We went mini golfing, Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, Sweet Tomato, Chipotle (twice).

  • The wedding was gorgeous!! My BF’s cousin is a pilot so the wedding was world/pilot themed. To know where you were sitting, you’d get a boarding pass with the destination. Mine was Iceland and the table had Iceland rocks, candy, and the puffin. Inside the box on the napkin, were blue and white M&M’s with the bride and groom’s names and rings. And to sign your name, you could sign it on the globe! It was great. Plus, the music was spot on! Lots of salsa, bachata, and merengue. The Latins in the wedding had a blast for sure.

Week of May 1 – May 6

  • My mom took advantage of having her daughter home, so she took me out to eat and went to the movies. I also went out with friends to eat and karaoke! And I went out with my family to eat pizza and donuts. My BF and I went to look at engagement rings and I found one I fell so hard for! We also checked out appliances and houses. We plan on getting married this year so let’s hope to God that we can 🙂

Week of May 7 – May 13

  • I went to the beach with my friends and BF and then to eat. Food was great! Like, so tasty and delicious. I also had a coffee date with friends on another day and walked around the lighthouse in Rincon.



for review


Super excited for all these! I already read and loved When It’s Real. Special thanks to Beaulitful Buzz for Until It Fades box with all the goodies, and Sierra Abrams for her book, The Color Project!


At Altamonte Springs, there’s a Barnes & Noble so of course, I went in with Eeny Meeny in mind! Such a thrilling and creepy read!




Pipe Dreams was a really good book! I think it could be my fave. Eeny Meeny was so f-ing creepy but oh so good!! The Names They Gave Us was so beautiful! I need more books like this in my life. Antisocial is a really thought-provoking story on social media. When It’s Real gave me all the SWOONY FEELS! Girl Out of Water was a refreshing story that I really enjoyed.



Haven’t started this one yet but I should be starting it very soon.









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18 responses to “Weekly Latte Rewind ~ 5.13.17 | Wedding + Magic Kingdom

  1. Wow, you’ve had a busy couple weeks! You always make me so hungry with your recap posts. lol!! You’re always mentioning amazing food and restaurants. I’ll be going to Cheesecake Factory late today actually. Yayy! Dream Fall look sooo good so I hope you really enjoy that one! Hope you have a great weekend. Happy reading!

  2. Wow a busy three weeks!!! Sounds like the vacation/wedding was a great time. Wow for planning to get married. That is so exciting!!! SO many amazing books you got but also read. I need to get to The Names They Gave Us soon. Have a great week!!

  3. Liv

    Your BF’s cousin’s wedding seemed like an awesome time. They were so creative! None of your reads are on my WTR list (I’m so behind on the ones I had slated to read soon), but Friday I did finally walk 75 minutes from my job to the Chipotle’s restaurant in downtown Burbank to get the veggie salad I’d been craving all week. I love Chipotle’s veggie salad hard. Happy weekend reading!

  4. Oh engaged and married would be so wonderful!! You two are like a romance novel. I hope you are able to make it happen.
    The wedding sounds wonderful.
    Im jealous about the beach. I need a beach in my life. Sadly, we have no beach in Ohio (except for a water park called the beach which is a trick! no beach!).
    I loved Old San Juan when I was there MANY years ago (seriously its been like 20 years almost!). Such a neat place!

  5. WOW, looking for engagement rings? That’s awesome, Gen! I’m sure you’ll make the wedding happen this year 🙂
    Your books read last week sound so good – very different, but very good.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  6. Glad to hear you had an awesome week. Congratulations to your cousin on the wedding. Sounds great. I hope you enjoy all these books, Gen. Have a wonderful week. 😁

    Love your Instagram pictures. Gorgeous. 👍🏻❤️

  7. That’s so exciting that you found a ring you loved! Once you have the man you love, everything else sorts itself out in time. And the travel themed wedding sounded so fun. Fab photos as always. And When It’s Real sounds so good.

  8. Megan McDade

    You sound like you have had a busy few weeks. I love weddings and have two in the next few months, my dad and my brothers. It’s so exciting you have found a ring 🙂 Have a great week.

    Megan @reading away the days

  9. Cai Bohm (The Bookfeed Blog)

    It’s so exciting when you find the perfect engagement ring! Sounds like you have had a great time.

  10. OMG GENESIS I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK! I scrolled through this post fairly quickly to get down to the comments box and I saw the word “wedding” and I was like OH S**T I KNEW I HADN’T VISITED YOUR BLOG IN A WHILE BUT YOU GOT MARRIED??????????? I did a double-take SO quickly. 😀 I love the country theme of the wedding – so cool that you got Iceland! My sister and I are planning an Iceland/Europe trip next year. I can’t wait!

    I have Ever the Hunted as well and I can’t wait to read it! The cover is so vibrant. o_o

    I hope you enjoy all of your new books! Have a lovely week, Gen. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • Hahaha I kind of figured some could think that after the post was published LOL 😂 My BF’s brother went to Iceland last year (it’s why that was our table) and he LOVED it! He went like in September or October, which apparently is a good time to visit Iceland and see the Northern Lights and just for the weather, too.
      Right? I really like this cover a lot.
      Ooh I didn’t know that about Renee! I haven’t checked the link but damn, that expensive?! Whenever you read it, let me know how it was so I can decide to get it or not.

  11. It looks like you have been super busy! I love the wedding idea of the different countries that sounds like a lot of fun!! Also, love the Disney trip!!! I like the cover of The Color Project!!

  12. Waity wait wait. Getting MARRIED?! This year!? As in… 2017, the year we only have 7 months left of!? HOLY CRAP, congrats, girl! That is awesome! The wedding you attended sounds so great too. I would love to have a travel-themed wedding. It’s fun, without taking itself too seriously 😉 And Disney sounds awesome too! You have had quite an amazing time of things lately! ♥♥

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